You Wanna Be Rough?

Sep 6, 2005
You Wanna Be Rough?

Timescale: 2x17

Spoilers: Really none, just the line “You wanna be rough or do you want me to be rough” from the 5/18 Double Episode totally inspired me.

Disclaimer: I definitely don’t own Alias. If I did…well…my ideas would be in the show. Ppft.

Rating: Naughty

Chapter 1: On The Prowl

Sydney watched Vaughn from the couch as he sat at the kitchen table pouring over the information he’d received from his contact at the bar, as well as the knowledge that Syd had provided him with. He was being investigated, that much he knew, but investigated for checking up on Irina Derevko? Hardly something to punish an agent for, he thought. Especially when he was striving to protect one of their most valuable assets: Sydney Bristow.

He was still fuming and she knew it, so she kept her distance and made sure he had enough privacy to deal with the rampant thoughts in his head. She wanted to walk up to him and pull him into her arms for comfort as much as he had done for her in the past, but she knew it wouldn’t necessarily be a good idea.

When most couples had make-up sex, it was after apologizing for their transgressions against their loved one. When Sydney and Vaughn have make up sex, it commonly occurred during the fight - their anger and hurt being taken out on one another in the throes of passion. Tender moments almost always transpired after the rough love making, and then all feelings of resentment were laid to rest.

She knew that he was still angry about her keeping Yager’s investigation secret, and in truth she didn’t blame him. She’d been angry about secrets before, and now she had been the one to withhold information from the one person she had swore never to betray. The contradicting emotions flitting through her mind moved from hot to cold. One moment she’d move to get up and walk over but then settle back down and flip through the book on her lap.

She finally just let out a huff of air and stood, making her way into the kitchen to see him standing against the fridge, eyeing her with fiery emerald orbs, his legs crossed at the ankles and his arms folded over his chest. If she didn’t know him any better, she’d think that she was an immediate danger.

But she did know him, and the sight of him holding back so much hurt and anger made her heart beat faster as the blood began pulsing through her veins.

“You sill mad?’ She asked lightly, and his sudden movement made her jump.

His hands gripped her forearms like a vice, his fingers digging brutally into her skin as his mouth, complete with unshaven cheeks and chin, attacked her ferociously. His rough stubble left red abrasions on her face as his tongue forced its way into her moist depths to duel with her own.

His hands abandoned her arms to reach down and haul her entire body against his, her legs instinctively wrapping securely around his waist to keep from falling back onto the hardwood floor of the apartment. She was insanely happy that Will and Francie were gone for the weekend, leaving the home empty for the new couple. She dimly heard a crash and a scattered fluff of papers cascading to the ground as his one free arm roughly shoved the folder and its contents off the table.

Her mouth was still vacuumed to his, feeling the breath leave her lungs in a rush as her back slammed into the wooden surface of the table, his body still hard against hers. The evidence of his desire was, at the moment, pressed firmly against her taut stomach, spots dancing before her as she struggled to get an ounce of air into her lungs.

With a smack he released her swollen lips to look down at the disheveled woman lying prone beneath him.

“Too rough?” his raspy voice broke through the foggy barrier of her thoughts as she shook her head, reaching up and yanking him back down to her warm body. His hands instantly went for her shirt, and gripping each side of the buttoned-up seams, he ripped them apart, sending the plastic pieces all over the dining area.

Her taut stomach and lacy black bra were exposed to his hungry gaze, and the first thing his eyes noticed was that the hooks were in the front. He didn’t remember her putting that on this morning, he thought, but his mind was soon set on a different track as Sydney’s fingers danced languidly up her stomach; with a flick of the wrist her breasts were bare.

He left her shirt and bra pinned beneath them as his mouth attacked the right peak, his hand working on the left and his teeth biting into the nipple making her cry out. His tongue salved the sore spot as he pulled back long enough to notice the slight marks marring her creamy breast.

“Too rough?”

Another shake of the head confirmed that she was indeed enjoying herself, her hands moving lower to unsnap the casual yet classy slacks she was wearing. The zipper was easy, it was the snap that was proving to be difficult as she twisted, trying desperately to get it undone with one hand. Finally it came loose, and Vaughn instantly shoved her trousers down her long tanned legs, seeing a matching pair of underwear of black lace underneath.

“Did you plan this?”

“Maybe…” she flashed him a Cheshire cat grin and his mouth moved lower. He bit onto her hip, leaving a lovely copy of his dental records then sucking hard, leaving it as two sets of teeth surrounded by a blood-risen purple mark. His hands were everywhere at once, gripping each breast and moving lower to tease her sides gently before running down her arms and grabbing her wrists to hold them in a powerful grip with one hand.

“Can we move this to the bedroom?” she asked, feeling his sliding fingers move closer to her moist center.

“What’s wrong with the kitchen table?”

“We don’t need to break it like the office chair…need I remind you how that one ended.” She laughed a deep throaty chuckle, making their hairs on his arms and the back of his neck stand to attention.

“If you insist…” he pulled at her arms and propelled her up and over his shoulder, carrying her the slight distance to her bedroom. Kicking the door closed behind him, he walked brusquely over to the bed and tossed her down, her body bouncing slightly on the coverlet.

She started to sit up, but his hand pushing against her chest stopped her, his voice demanding as he told her to stay put. He walked over to the closet and opened it halfway, reaching in and grabbing a couple of the few things he kept at her place – two silk ties.

“Vaughn…” she groaned, watching him as he stalked back over to her and began cinching her wrists to the bedposts behind her head. To be honest, he tied them a bit tighter than last time, but she wasn’t going to be to one to complain. He moved away from her then, watching her test his knots as she determined that she probably couldn’t escape without help, and even if she could get free it would ruin his fun.

He stood calmly at the edge of the bed, his fingers moving slowly, too slowly for her liking, to each button of his shirt, reaching the bottom and then pulling it from his pants - finishing before he slid it over his built shoulders. His hands stopped when he reached his belt, unbuckling it before pulling it free from the confining loops and sending it across the floor to join his discarded shirt. His pants slid down his legs after her toed off his shoes and yanked off his socks, making sure she noticed that he hadn’t worn any boxers.

“Did you plan this?” Her breathless question made him look up, if at all possible his c*** growing harder at the sight of her bound and helpless – though he knew the thought of Sydney Bristow being helpless was laughable, he entertained it anyway.

“Maybe…” Grinning and completely bare, he crawled up to her on the bed, his hardness bouncing and occasionally slapping against his stomach as he gripped her legs between his, forcing her knees apart and keeping the ankles together with his. His lips softly caressed hers making her moan into his mouth, but that quickly changed when she squeaked and bit his tongue as his knee pressed against her mound. He pulled back, seeing the apology written in her eyes though she wasn’t vocal with her thoughts.

He let his hands trail down her body, his short fingernails scratching and leaving marks in certain spots until they flitted over her clothed center, her hips involuntarily jumping off the bed. He kept one arm up to pin her down as the other slid inside her panties and began to tease her nether-lips, his finger sliding along the wet slit until he reached her nub of nerves – her hips jumping once more.



“You know I don’t beg…”

“We’ll see about that.” He grinned and moved down to join his hands as they slid her underwear down her legs, pulling back far enough for her to kick them off herself.

His mouth inched lower, showering her body with nips, bites and licks before ending at her navel. She giggled when his tongue dipped inside, claiming that she was very ticklish there, and he smiled at the thought of finding yet another spot that could drive her mad. Because they’d only been dating for such a short time, he hadn’t exactly been able to fine tune his hands to her body - but he was bent on learning, and there was no time like the present.

Without warning, he shoved two fingers into her quivering heat, making her cry out and pull at the restraints keeping her hands from caressing him like she desperately wanted to. His tongue left her belly button and moved lower, the first flick of it over her clit making her buck her hips up. He set one hand firmly against her lower abdomen to keep her down as his two fingers began moving quickly, his tongue picking up a frantic pace against the button of nerves.

Her orgasm rose quickly, Vaughn finding her g-spot and rubbing it with his imbedded digits while he abandoned licking and sucked her clit abruptly into his mouth. The contracting of her internal muscles, coupled with the half screaming half mewling noises she was making made him signals that she was close, so he stopped entirely to yank his fingers out and release her from his mouth. He looked up at her, smiling seductively at her wide eyes and open mouth, no words or sounds coming out as she stared down at him in shock.

“What the hell, Vaughn? You can’t just leave me like that!” She growled, twisting more at the ties binding her to the bed as she throbbed and ached to finish the job herself.

“You said you won’t beg?” He asked, propping his head up on his hand, supported by his elbow beside her hip, and lightly flicked his finger over her swollen nub. She whimpered while trying to increase his pressure by lifting her hips, but his arms pushing against her stomach kept her hips more or less on the bed.

“Nope. Not gonna.” She growled and bit her lip, seeing the determination fill his eyes.

“Okay.” He dove back in, his mouth alternating between sucking and licking as his fingers pressed against her internal button on each in-stroke. He brought her to the peak the backed off, letting her teeter just short of the edge as she was forced to move backwards, glaring at him through nearly violet colored eyes, her passion evident. He did it once more, bringing her up and finally letting her spill over as he moved quickly to impale his hard c*** into her contracting core. Starting off with a near-violent pace he drove her hips into the bed, his mouth suctioning over hers as she tasted herself on his lips.

She ached to touch him, the cloth beginning to chafe the delicate skin of her wrists as Michael pounded against her, driving out two more orgasms before she felt him spill into her with a loud grunt, falling against her chest with a thud.

He lay on her for a few minutes trying to get his bearings as she breathed heavily beneath him.


“Ya, baby?”

“My hands hurt.” She grumbled, hating to ruin the intimate moment, but her fingers were well past the numb stage and had begun to throb.

Tenderly he pulled out and away from her while reaching up to undo the ties as she wiggled her raw wrists to try and get circulation back to her abandoned fingertips.

“I thought you said it wasn’t too rough…” he growled, taking each hand into his own and kissing the sore flesh of her wrists.

“Sometimes I like it rough.” She smiled, her dimples showing as she placed a loving kiss to his mouth before they pulled the covers back and climbed in, falling asleep quickly in the warm cocoon they’d created.


Part 2 coming soon!

-Jean ^_^
Sep 6, 2005
A/N: So my good friend BlueBird was reading this little fic, and she ran across the part where Sydney says, and I quote:

“Can we move this to the bedroom?” she asked, feeling his sliding fingers move closer to her moist center.

“What’s wrong with the kitchen table?”

“We don’t need to break it like the office chair…need I remind you how that one ended.” She laughed a deep throaty chuckle, making their hairs on his arms and the back of his neck stand to attention.”

And she asked, “Jean…what happened with the office chair? That sounds exciting…”

And so I thought, “Hmm… that does sound exciting…”

And I got to thinking… and said let’s write it. So here it is; part 2/? of this little story.

Chapter 2: The Office Chair

Sydney sighed, rubbing between her eyes and wishing desperately that she hadn’t left her Advil sitting on the nightstand. She gave up, ignoring the pounding in her temples as she tried to concentrate on the report she had been working on.

It was late - Weiss, Vaughn, Sydney and Marshall were the only people in the main part of their offices and though it was rumored that Kendall and Jack were somewhere in the building, they hadn’t been spotted in over twenty minutes. She looked over at Marshall, seeing that he’d fallen asleep in his chair with his head propped on his open briefcase, papers sticking to his forehead. She grinned, moving her line of sight over to Eric as he played an old version of Pong on his computer. Marshall must have hooked that up for him, and she giggled quietly before finally peeking over at Vaughn.

He was the only one of the group actually getting any work done. His jacket had been removed, as well as his tie, and he typed slowly on the keyboard with his rolled sleeves bouncing at the movement of his wrists. She missed his holster, though he had managed to pull it out of a box the other night and surprise her when she came home from her Switzerland mission debrief. She’ll never forget the moment she walked into the apartment and found him lying on her bed completely naked - wearing only a smile, a hard-on, and his holster.

A blush rose from her neck as she remembered how she enjoyed the holster (and everything else) that evening and she undid the first two buttons of her blouse, shrugging out of her overcoat. She redoubled her efforts on the report, typing away until the words began to flow and she entered the place every attentive desk-jockey has been: a place Weiss liked to call ‘The Zone of the Secretary.’

Vaughn stopped working, his mind wandering as he typed in the name Agent Bristow. He looked over at where she was sitting, doing a double take when he noticed that she had removed her jacket and unbuttoned her shirt. He glimpsed the sweaty sheen on her neck and frowned. She was forever complaining about it being too cold in the offices, always having a jacket or sweater handy to keep her warm while sitting at her desk.

She had a slight flush to her cheeks and he frowned deeper before standing and walking over to her desk. She didn’t even notice as he moved around to stand behind her, so intent on her report, so he read a bit over her shoulder. As he skimmed, he noticed a few slight errors.

- 4:09 AM -

Agent Vaughn and Agent Bristow intercept communication from the suspect’s contact detailing a meet between Agent Davenport and the suspect, Steven Giles.

Giles relayed false information and Agents Vaughn and Bristow moved in.

Vaughn holstered the suspect while Agent Bristow moved in on Giles’ contact.

‘Holstered?’ What the hell does holstered mean? Obviously a typo, but he crossed his arms over his chest and continued to read over her shoulder with a small smirk and a c***ed eyebrow.

- 4:15 -

Agents Weiss and Bristow detained the contact as both suspects were taken into custody by MI-5.

Agent Vaughn hard the transmission from the CIA and all agents were ordered to abort.

Holstered? Hard? Now the blush made sense. She had been thinking of the time when…

A large and mischievous smile spread across his face, his dimples popping out, and he leaned forward to press his nose against the spot behind her ear where she applied her perfume. He took a deep breath, inhaling the sweet scent as she went still, her fingers poised over the keys as she cursed herself for zoning out.

“Where is your mind, Agent Bristow?”

“On my report, where yours should be, Agent Vaughn.”

“Oh really? ‘Vaughn holstered the suspect’?”

She blushed and hid her face in her hands as she heard his chuckle behind her, his hot breath against her skin. He heard her muttered curse as he laughed low, brushing his fingers against the length of her throat to move her hair over her shoulder.

“What were you really thinking about?” he whispered, licking the spot of perfumed skin, causing her to hiss in response.

“Vaughn…not here,” she ordered, rolling away from him slightly in her padded chair.

“Why not?” Vaughn asked, following after her.

“Well, my father could come in here for starters,” she began.

“And secondly?” He latched his mouth against her racing pulse point and sucked, pulling away with a smack and tracing the purple-red mark he’d just placed on her soft skin with the tip of his finger.

“Ummm…well – Kendall could. . .” she tried to continue.

“Nah. They’re in analysis,” Vaughn answered.

“That doesn’t mean that-”

“Yes, it does. We’ve got at least an hour,” he grinned, seeing her weighing the options before daring to look up at him. He saw the desire in her eyes, knowing some of it was stemming from the newness of their relationship, but the moment her eyes traced his body he knew she was game.

“Get a room!” Eric snapped from the opposite side of the room as he glowered at the two flirting agents before returning to his game.

“Good advice,” she said breathlessly, standing quickly and sending the chair rolling a few feet away as she grabbed her boyfriend’s hand.

“Whoa, you’re really going along with this? I…I didn’t think,” Vaughn stammered.

“What?” she interrupted, dragging the now-reluctant agent down an adjacent hallway toward an empty conference room before continuing. “Didn’t think I’d call your bluff? Think again. There are plenty of things that I’d rather do than write that stupid report,” she murmured, the tightness in Vaughn’s trousers growing more uncomfortable by each breathy word she emitted.

“Including doing what we’re thinking about doing in the conference room Kendall always uses? You do realize that I’ll never be able to sit at this table again without thinking…” Vaughn trailed off as she stepped even closer.

“Without thinking what?” Sydney challenged, pushing him back into a chair, causing it to roll a few feet before he stopped it with his feet. She started with the buttons of her blouse, slowly and deliberately undoing those one by one until the garment was opened wide with her lacy black bra showing.

“I’ll get back to you about that,” he growled, kicking with his feet until he was sitting in front of her long lean body.

He hauled her into his lap, the sudden spread of her legs forcing a small tear in her skirt.

“Dammit, Vaughn, I liked this skirt,” she growled after hearing the ripping of material and finding the hem forced apart.

“Hey, you started it,” he growled before descending on her neck for a vicious love bite, a purple mark left in his wake next to the previous one still marring her skin, though the new one was much darker than it’s predecessor.

Her hands clawed at his heavy jacket, one slipping between their writhing bodies to undo the button pinning it together in order to shove it off of his shoulders, his mouth finding its way up to hers.

His tongue swiftly entered her mouth to duel with her own, and she cracked open an eyes to find and untangle the knot that was his tie. Breaking apart with an audible smack, she growled in frustration as Vaughn’s fingers slid up her legs, finding the edge of the thigh-high pantyhose. Pausing there, his hands gripped her legs in a tight hold as she, in the midst of desperately trying to undo the striped contraption around his neck, unwittingly shoved the knot up rather than slipping it down.

He saw stars due to the sudden lack of oxygen as she chuckled momentarily; a faint apology intermingled with her breathy laughter. She set a kiss to his nose as the fabric finally hung in two limp strands on either side of his neck. She leaned in, sucking at his adams apple as his hands continued their journey underneath her skirt.

Vaughn groaned as she moved around the left side of his throat, her mouth paving a wet trail as her fingers busied themselves with the clasps of his own shirt. She found the spot underneath his earlobe, feeling him shiver against her body and force her legs tighter around his lap.

She shifted, looking back to see that the chair didn’t have a straight flat back, but rather a round padded top with a thin short neck, the seat complete with armrests that made two large holes between the arms and his waist. Rearranging her legs so that each of them straddled his body, her limbs fit perfectly through the gaps and put his bulging trousers in contact with her cotton-covered core.

They moaned in unison, her mouth leaving his neck as they met each other’s with fervor. Managing to open his shirt completely, she was stunned to see that he hadn’t worn an undershirt.

“Well, that made my job a bit easier,” she commented, pulling back with a smile to survey their compromising position. One dip and the light chair could topple, but that would make for an adventurous bout of lovemaking.

Though this danced on the fine line between making love and being hot f*cking.

Her hands pressed into his chest, fingernails skimming over nipples and down his rippling abdomen until they found the straining material of his dress pants. Cupping his c*** through the fabric made a feral growl escape his throat, and his hands that were once massaging her upper thighs lightly moved up and grabbed at the junction of her panties to roughly pull them aside.

She barely made out the utterance, “Enough,” before his moist, hot tongue invaded her mouth and two hard fingers pushed into her warmth. She gasped, pulling away from his lips as her hands trembled at his belt, button and zipper, trying to focus on her task while his hand alternated between thrusting with his thumb rubbing at her clit and staying imbedded to the hilt to locate her g-spot.

“God, Vaughn, come on – give me a minute,” she grunted, finally releasing his pent up hardness as it sprang out and slapped against her stomach.

His hand left her core and moved directly to her hips, the tear in the side of her skirt growing as he bunched the material around her waist. If anyone were to walk into the room right now, it was inevitable that what they were about to see would be a complete disregard to office etiquette.

Yet here they were, Vaughn resting comfortably in the office chair with Sydney straddling his lap. He was trying to keep his feet anchored to the floor to prevent the chair from rolling across the room during their f**k in the middle of the conference room, but he wasn’t too sure how long his muscles would last.

All coherent thought, however, was completely blown from his mind as she grabbed his rock hard c*** with both hands and pushed herself up with strong runner’s legs. He helped by lifting her with his muscled arms, and together they got the tip aligned with her center.

Letting go abruptly, she sank down with a startled gasp, her hands flying up to rest against his chest. Their eyes closed with pleasure as he picked her up once more and dropped her to the hilt onto his erection. She wiggled her hips from side to side, sometimes throwing him off with a circular motion as he started to thrust up into her pliable body.

Reaching down with her hand, she found the lever that tilted the chair back and pulled it. Dipping suddenly, both agents found themselves lying almost horizontal as he found a bit more purchase to thrust up with their new position. Her hands reclaimed their place on his pectorals; fingernails digging into his skin as she rocked back to meet his c***.

The pleasure intensified, and Vaughn’s eyes opened momentarily to focus on his lover as she sat perched above him. Cursing himself for not releasing what hid behind the sexy black lace, he watched as her half-covered breasts bounced in an almost taunting fashion. Giving in to the temptation, his mouth latched around one of the perky, jiggling peaks, the hot moistness of his tongue contrasted the cool fabric and made her gasp.

Her hands instantly left from their perch on his chest and moved to the arms of the squeaking chair. This gave them a bit more leverage for deeper penetration, and as he bottomed out he knew the end was near.

He redoubled his efforts, tilting farther back in the creaking chair to push his thrusting hard-on farther into her c*nt, their groans and harsh whispers echoing in the large, empty conference room. Alternating between pushing up with his hips and pulling her down with his hands, coupled with her rotating hips, they toppled over the edge; her with a high pitched mewl that vaguely sounded like his name, and him with a hoarse shout as she milked his orgasm from him slowly.

The intense aftershocks passed quickly, her body flat over his with her face buried into his neck. She pulled away a few moments later, brushing a loving kiss to his mouth with swollen lips, her eyes opening slowly. He studied her face for a minute, seeing the beautiful brown of her eyes and the purple hue shining around the iris.

“You’re beautiful,” his voice was a deep, ragged whisper, she pressed up by using the armrests, hearing a creaking groan before they gave way.

With a startled gasp – her hands being her only support other than Vaughn’s body below her – she slammed forward into his chest which, in turn, forced him back against the tilted back of the chair. Their combined weight with the pressure against the small metal rod bent it backwards at an odd, unfixable angle.

“Good God, we broke the chair,” he grunted, hearing her laugh and joining her.

Unfortunately, with both of their bodies upsetting the balance of the chair, and Vaughn lifting his legs to try and help steady the breathless woman above him, the wheels had their chance to roll. Sliding back in a rush they slammed into the – thankfully – carpeted floor, Vaughn’s head slamming into the ground as Sydney’s knees landed with two harsh thumps on either side of his hips.

The chairs back was imbedded in his spine, underneath his rib cage, forcing the air from his lungs as they lay sprawled on the floor.

Just as they thought the end of their adventurous sex couldn’t get any worse, the door to the conference room flew open. Thankfully they were lying with their sides mostly facing the door. Due to their rush in the beginning, most of their clothes were still in tact. Still, Sydney’s hand flew to her hip and tugged the torn skirt down until at least half of her backside was barely covered.

“Oh…oh God…I didn’t-” Marshall’s stutter made their eyes wander to see the staring techie standing with saucer-sized eyes. “I hadn’t realized this room was…ah…being – used…for some,” he paused with a gulp, holding up a folder to cover his eyes as he sashayed sideways to the computer at the end of the table. Fumbling around on the side of the machine he located and unplugging the USB cable before making his way out of the room without chancing another glance at the sprawled couple in an extremely compromising situation.

“Well,” Vaughn paused, seeing Sydney’s bright red face turn from the empty doorway to look at his own astonished eyes. “That’ll make for interesting office gossip,” he laughed.

She grinned with a groan, leaning down and shoving her face into his chest as the door opened once more and a camera flashed.

“Hoo hoo! Marshall’s stuttering wasn’t enough to describe this one!” Weiss busted as he snapped a one more photo of the wide-eyed couple, leaving as soon as he’d entered.

“F*cking, Eric,” Vaughn growled, disentangling himself from Sydney as she tried to free her legs from the toppled chair, Weiss’ laughter still echoing as the doors closed completely.
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