Fantasy Your Dreams Are Alternate Realities?

I felt like I was getting old when my dreams stopped involving me running from monsters and started involving me running from taxes, employers, etc.
Just the other night I was in a turbine room at an air purification facility. The turbines stopped and I felt a great urgency to get them restarted because of danger. Sure enough in thru the now open and static turbines a group of lionesses ran in. I remember smelling them and feeling pain when I was attacked. Just as she put her mouth around my neck and I felt pain I awoke. I knew, at that moment, that particular me had died. I also know that I will never dream of that me ever again.
I have glass elevator dreams, where the elevator falls, and I survive. Lots of elevator dreams where it gets stuck, I end up 20 stories under ground in a strange boiler room where it looks like a metal pot full of molten lead, and there are drive ways for electric golf carts and electrical rooms. Yeup you guessed it I did building security after hours in Dallas. lol. When you do rounds late at night your imagination runs wild, expecially if you have college courses next morning with only 2 hrs sleep. Ill call high rise fantasy dreams, and yeuppers I did escort lots of ladies to their cars at nite for protection.
I also had another re-occouring dream, back in the 80's I worked security at DFW airport, and it was awesome, mini-bars with neon lights, Miami- vice style, big resturants, Pilots clubs, gift shoppes, its like a beautfule micro city, I would walk through 2 terminal on my break and I lost a lot of weight, great for flight school. Me and fellow workers had keys which were earned to go to the airlines downstairs restaurant. Frozen yougart was the treat of the day. Lots of pretty stewardess, and ticket agents. Well my dreams are of me floating through the terminal, going down the hall ways, and stores. People freaking out that I can flap my arms and fly. I try to explain to them. but I'm criticized. oh well! lol cool dream....
I keep having a dream where I wake up in a great dome, maybe 1 mile across. There is a walkway that totally circles this dome on the inside against the outer wall and the walkway is about 20 feet off the ground. Now the dome is a overgrown forest with birds and animals with it. There is a group of building in the center of the dome on the ground. Now located at four points within the dome on the edge is a structure like towers that have control rooms and some rooms for crew. It would appear that no one has been here in a long time and there is some disrepair.

Now in my dream as I explore this is a great arc in space and there are hundreds of domes with many different ecosystems in some of them. I have discovered there are at least three intelligent lifeforms but they are all primitive in nature and do not know they are on a arc in space. One race is really violent, one is passive, and the other is similar to humans but slightly different.

In my dream I learn how to use the tech tools to repair systems and start to explore the Arc. I make friends and start to collect others and tech them how to fix things and work with me. The arc is huge and many systems are damaged or off line and there are many things to be done. I discover in my dream that I was abducted from Earth and put there with others to help restore systems.
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I can not just try to day dream myself there, because if I try as soon as I fall asleep I forget and fall into a deep sleep. For me if I dream and remember that dream what ever it is, it just happens without me trying. I don't seem to have any control of when it happens and what I dream. Also the dream situation seems to be random in setting / nature to me beyond my control of what the dream is about.
,If dreams are alternate realities I wanna travel to one of them.
Maybe dreams are your afterlife prepping for your visit? Never can tell......
I dreamed that I was on a island full of gals and the partae was on!:D:cool:
Fantasy island.....Fffffffantasy...
Well, lets see...
WE humans, have tongues. On those tongues are taste buds. TASTE
WE humans, have eyes. In those eyes are retnas. SIGHT
WE humans, have skin. In that skin are nerve endings TOUCH
WE humans, have ears. In those ears are bones that vibrate. HEARING
WE humans, have noses. In those noses are olfactory cells that sense odors. SMELL

Q, sex drive is NOT a sense.
correct there a la sex. It is nonsense in the sense that all logic flies out the window
I went off some anti psychotic medication earlier this year. By simply stop taking it. The next 4 days were really interesting. How the brain - webbed neuro connectivity redesigned itself during the process. Neither asleep nor awake. I could feel the brain's gears missing its designated smooth transitioning that is the norm. Grating thoughts, the dimensionalities never expected a normal mind seems to miss totally - now exposed. Getting stuck until somehow that fell apart. Traumatic it was not. However the brain-mind interface is not a real demarcation. More of a zone. Opaque. Fluid and dynamic. The restlessness continuous. Though during that period of gestation directions were non coherent to say the least. And then day five, it was over.