Your Favorite Star Trek Movie


Avoid A Void
Here is the second half of my post on favorite Star Trek series and movies. As in my television post please list your favorite movies out of the whole franchise yet you can list more than one.

Please also list the reason(s) it or they are your favorites.

I would have done a poll on this but there are more movies than there are options for poll choices.

So i am leaving it up to you to list and prioritize your list. sorry for the inconvenience.
I love Trek but I am going to have to go with the original ST:The Motion Picture from the 70's. The imagery in the film, at least to me, ranks up there with scenes from the Space Odyssey trilogy and is the hallmark film that resurrected the Trek franchise.
There have been many good ones, it's tough to beat Ricardo Montalban as Khan in II, and I thought Christopher Lloyd was very good as the Klingon commander in "The Search for Spock", but I have to go with "First Contact".

I absolutely enjoyed the fact that the father of warp drive, who was looked upon in the future the same way Thomas Edison is now, the dude they named Geordi's high school after, turned out to be nothing more than a womanizing party animal. Very, very cool.

Fighting against the Borg queen in the past, the time lines involved, and the fact Earth's first contact with aliens were Vulcans, made this one my favorite of the bunch.

Enjoyed "Generations" a lot also, mostly because I am a big Malcom McDowell fan and the fact Kirk and Picard were fighting together was cool.

Never seen "Nemesis", however.........
In general I like all the Star Trek movies but I've seen them all at least 4 times I've lost some interest and they don't seem as amusing as they used to be. However the new Star Trek movie (Star Trek) was for me a breath of fresh air that turned the Star Trek Universe around 180º and gave a chance for a new start.