Your Operating System?


Sep 13, 2008
Im running vista at the moment, starting to like it , didnt want to switch to vista as quick as i did but its not to bad

Da Big E

Jul 9, 2008
VerGizzLe said:
Vista Ultimate Edition (Cost a BOMB)

Thinking of dual booting with Ubuntu :)
Ubuntu is worth it. Trust me :P However, if you are liking Vista at the moment, don't change otherwise you'll quickly become hooked on Ubuntu. But, if you persist on getting it, try the Live version first (running it without installing it) to make sure all your hardware works within it otherwise you may be stuck :P


Oct 15, 2008
1RoNMaN said:
I Heard Mac OS edition sucks, my friend has it and he hates it to bits.
Wha..... I thought everyone loved MacOS..... I always find it so quick and resource friendly, way quicker and far more stable than any Windows or Linux distro I have used.
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