Your Top 10 Worst Video Games of All Time

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Had to make a follow up. Lets start these from number 10.

10.) Legend of Dragoon
9.) Runescape (first MMO ever. :P)
8.) Super Mario RPG
7.) Diablo
6.) Star Fox 64
5.) Final Fantasy Tactics
4.) Yoshi's Story
3.) Glover
2.) Super Man 64
1.) Space Dude (the most retarded game I've ever had the unfortunate agony of playing. Helped make me the person I am today.)


I agree with him on it. I like my troops to have personality. Would I say it was #5 on my worst played list? No, but definately not on my best played list, either. Oh, and I liked Super Mario RPG... Wasn't great, but not worst 10 list material, I don't think.


But it's not meant to be an RPG. It's a totally different kind of game.

As the title says, it's a tactical thing.


blur said:
But it's not meant to be an RPG. It's a totally different kind of game.

As the title says, it's a tactical thing.

Which is why I didn't like it. But hey, if it's got a story, they need to move the story along with some personality.


I don't know if I can list 10, as I generally avoid games I think are bad, but I'll name a few that come to mind.

1.) Mischief Makers for the n64. This game was so bad it was given to me free of charge. Everyone I know played this game... no one I know played more than 10 minutes before being repulsed as it was passed from one friend too another.

2.) Solar Winds. Now I will say I love the first 1hr of this game... however of the 3 people I know who have played this game, no one ever figured out how to get past that point. I was however very young when I first tried this game.

3.) Superman 64... this needs no comment other than.... control scheme.... ugh!

4.)WWF wrestle mania for the game cube... a pitiful successor series to WWF no mercy

5.) Enchanted arms xbox360, it would have been an amazing game if it hadn't been for the "every 3 step" random battles.

6.) Civilization 2 for the playstation, the game never should have left PC, the controls were utterly horrible.

7.) Syndicate Wars for playstation, the sequal to a game that I just realized I left off my top 10 list, same complaint as above.

thats as close as I can get to 10, they are in no particular order, and enchanted arms is a stretch as the great story, and battle system, kept me playing for almost 30hrs.
In no particular order:

1.) Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles (most bugs ever in one game, and they even made a sequel)
2.) Legend of Zelda II (ugh, why did they try to be all RPG about it, it was a pain to play)
3.) Pokemon Stadium (Ok, the game was NOT ready to move to a bigger console yet, it was basically playing the game boy on the bigger TV, not very exciting, and hey some of those little Pokemon games are actually kind of fun but the Stadium games were pretty dull and the mini games sucked)
4.) Final Fantasy VII (Ok, I know I'll get shot for this one.. but the story absolutely bored me, there was so much potential for it to be great but I just couldn't get into it at all)
5.) Halo ( It wasn't that fun, everyone made it out to be the greatest game to play with friends on campus but in reality it was dull and there are much better shoot-your-friends games out there)
6.) Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter ( I think there was a normal Starfighter game and then Jedi was suppose to be basically "Jedi in space" and other than the fact that I got to play my favourite Star Wars character [Adi Gallia] it was too easy and not overly exciting in terms of story )
7.) Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided and its expansion packs ( Bleh..we never got what we wanted, the dream died )
8.) Chrono Trigger ( Like FFVII I'll be shot but maybe it's because I played this after it had been rereleased for playstation and so many good RPGs had came out since the days of the SNES with intricate stories and characters.. Chrono Trigger seemed so dry to me in terms of story and character development )
9.) Yoshi's Story ( Ugh, I was introduced to this while babysitting ages ago.. I can't even tell you how horrid it was, maybe I am too old to appreciate it )
10.) Asteroids ( because I can't think of anything else.. )

Really it is hard for me to think of bad games since I only play games I have a high interest in and generally research them out before buying them since I can't normally afford games when they first come out anyway. And yes I play too many Star Wars games, just as I read too many Star Wars novels, or visit Star Wars websites, get the picture ;)


Leo said:
In no particular order:
And yes I play too many Star Wars games, just as I read too many Star Wars novels, or visit Star Wars websites, get the picture ;)

as far as I know there is no such thing as too many star wars novels, after all I can't think of a bad one to date.


1. LUNAR: Legend (Working Designs must have been rolling in it's grave)
2. Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth
3. Final Fantasy VII
4. .Hack//Sign Vol. 1 (I don't remember the specific title, nor do I care to)
5. Every DS game I've ever played (except Mega Man ZX and the Castlevanias)

Beyond those, I really can't think of any games I hated enough to put on a sh**list.


thebiv said:
as far as I know there is no such thing as too many star wars novels, after all I can't think of a bad one to date.
Oh I can... just about any Star Wars novel written by a female author int he first decade of the books was utter ----. And no, this isn't a comment that "females can't write Star Wars" because there are also guys who can't - like Kevin J. Anderson - but I just found that, to a book, all the female-penned ones from that first decade were utter felgercarb.
Well some of the female authors are pretty good, it really depends on what series you are talking about, whether it is originally their own work or if its a long series like NJO with a variety of authors. And I like Kevin J. Anderson, he has good ideas, maybe not the best writing but good ideas are great. It's kind of like the reverse of the kid who wrote Eragon.. decent writing but poor ideas.

EDIT: Ah just re-read that.. yeah was going to say the earlier female authors weren't as good, didn't have the same flow as the other authors. But they got better later. I think some of them had just started out back then and have improved over the years as writers tend to do.


9: FF VII: When did repeative become life altering?
8: ET for the Atari, ja I was around for it.
7: Total Recall on the NES
6: Any Sonic game not THAT'S NOT 1 2 or 3 on the Genesis.. Cuz they still rock.
5: IGN: Lawnmower Racing Mania 2007 <- I mean...
4: FF 8: Characters smericters. This game made us all realize, random battles suck.
3: The Avatar game.. I mean, you HAD to try and make a game in that setting suck. Ya know what? They tried real hard to make it suck, with great success. I hope they do better next time.
2: Lunar on the DS. For me, it's the only BAD DS game. The rest f*cking ROCK!
1: Shaq Fu - Period
Wow I am amazed FF VII has made three lists so far.. most people think its the best game ever, I don't feel so bad for putting it on my list now :) And I do agree that the random battles in FF 8 was a pain but once you had the skill..what was it called where you could basically walk around freely without being detected, it was all good. I do like how Square-Enix is moving away from the random battles that you can't see concept like in Chrono Cross and Xenosaga. And you're saying all Sonic games besides 1-3 on the sega genesis right? Cause those little sidescroller type games were fantastic and I wasted many hours of my seventh year of life on them.


Yup, I love the Sonic side scrollers. I really liked Sonic Spinball as well, but it's way too long and difficult. LoL
But yeah, I didn't care for much in FF VII or 8 actually. I was enthralled by both until I beat them and then my heart changed it's mind. Why? After playing the previous FF games I got used to the freedom they sort of gave you when making decisions in the game. Now, the FF games feel more like I'm enduring a grind while waiting for a pretty chick flick to unveil itself for me. So, I try and avoid them best I can.
Tho' FF 12 was fun to play at first. Until the whole.. I have to get a permit to be able to wear a hat or a braclet system got in the way... Oh and the more liner than EQ 1 MMO style of play didn't last as long as it's 60+ hour story. I can't say they're REALLY BAD games now, but they're not my cup o' tea. To hell with chick flicks, to hell with interactive waste of a week of game play to watch them.