Your Visit To My Planet

What a beautiful video! It was wonderful to see the CGI re-enactment of the landing, intermixed with the shots of the people who made it all happen.

Seeing things like this strengthens my belief that we really should invest in unmanned missions rather than trying to send a small crew on a long mission that might result in tragedy.

I know, I know --- as a sci-fi enthusiast I'm supposed to be big on manned missions and Martian colonies. Well, when they develop much faster spacecraft with larger living quarters and all the other hardware needed to make manned missions less perilous and more practical.

On the other hand, I'm a big supporter of a Lunar colony at the North or South poles. Anybody else like that idea? (Rhetorical question. Of course you like that idea. :D)
Great animation! (y) I was curious about the source and it is from a 2006 IMax movie named Roving Mars. Next time I'm browsing Netflix I have to see if it's available.