Conspiracy ZombiCon shooter still at large (NEWS)

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1 dead in Florida ZombiCon shooting |

Crowds of people, some dressed like zombies, started running when shots were fired.

This was at ZombiCon in Ft. Myers, Florida over the weekend.

A 20-year-old man was killed and five other people were wounded.

There were more than 20-thousand people at the festival.

So far, there have been no arrests and event organizers are asking anyone who might have cell phone video or any information to call 800-780-8477 or go to


Code Monkey
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I don't recall many news items of violence at genre cons. Once the shooter is caught it'd be interesting to find out if the cause was related to something going on with the con.


An Old Friend
[Bad Taste Observation] He fired six shots and only stopped one zombie...Go for the head grasshopper [/Bad Taste Observation]

I checked and there is no new NEWS that I could find on this. I too am curious as to the reasoning behind this.