Music Zune HD Quickly Selling Out at Amazon, Newegg, Best Buy and More [Zune Hd]


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Zune HD Quickly Selling Out at Amazon, Newegg, Best Buy and More [Zune Hd]

Gizmodo said:
500x_Screen_shot_2009-09-19_at_11.28.02_AM.jpg Here's a statement I never thought I'd write: The newest Zune is apparently a runaway success, currently sold out or backordered at most of the major online outlets. Congrats to this underdog manufacturer "Micro-Soft" for finally hitting the big time!

Amazon has both the 16GB and 32GB versions backordered, as does Best Buy, while Newegg and both have only the 32GB left (and it probably won't last too long). Looks like the place to get it is Microsoft's online store, where both versions are available (and you can get those sweet Zune Originals engravings). Great to see the Zune HD getting the attention it deserves.


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I actually prefer the Zune over the iPod. I have a Zune 120 already (with another one on the way) and, prior to the introduction of the latest iPods, they Zunes had some unique features that Apple is still catching up on.

With the new HD series I just wish that they introduced a Zune 128 HD (128 since they are flash based ;)) so that there was an upgrade path for Zune 80 & Zune 120 owners. As it is now, Microsoft discontinued *all* of the non HD models which means the 80/120 owners end up either sticking with their current unit, which has been discontinued, or to downgrade to a smaller sized device.