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Snake Eyes (2021) Meh, didn't add much to GI Joe story but watchable.
Free Guy (2021) Rather fun actually, Reynolds holds true to his acting ability.
Old (2021) A somewhat predictable take on a time trap film. Watchable...
Star Wars: Biomes (2021) world-fly tour (short) 6.5 - nice graphics
The Superdeep (2020) m radulovic s ivanyuk 4.4 russian creature feature involving a deadly ancient lifeform
Watchable but nowhere near as good as Sputnik!
Primal Rage: The Legend of Konga (2018) a gagliardi As bigfoot movies go, this one is one of the better ones.
The Monster (2016) z kazan e ballentine a douglas 6.0 A decent creature feature worth watching!
Gunpowder Milkshake (2021) k gillan l headey m yeoh c gugino 6.5 revenge assassin film better than expected!
Wrath of Man (2021) j statham h mccallany j hartnett
Worth Watching at least once.