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"Heaven can wait, we're only watching the skies. Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst."
"We all need someone to talk to my oh my. We all need someone to talk to my oh my. Ya need a shoulder to cry on, call me I'll be standing by. We all need someone to talk to my oh my"
I just noticed your signature.... I think I'm entering that phase of my life also! 😁
Chewchilla, ludicrious speed, and step on it, Artie deco, plug in to the main frame and get the plans.....
Beware of hackers, I haven been hacked in here by a lousy troll......
OK, I'll ask... what exactly was "hacked" here?
First off, I apreicate you putting up with my crankiness, old dude stuff you know, I visited here a couple of times, and my lap top was scanned. Then a couple of days ago I got a virous warning and it locked up my screen. dunno who or what did it, but I'm just laying it out there. Just a warning for other users and you to keep your heads up.
2 sides to an argument, both sides are right or wrong, but like rams locking horns, neither will win unless there is a mature compromise, Sci-fi dude!
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