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  1. Battlestar Galactica

    Battlestar Galactica

    Galactica amongst the stars
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    Sci-Fi Space Battles: Lasers or Projectiles

    Sounds like they have perfected the technology over the last 40 years , it says at the bottom that the person who wrote that piece didn't know of one SF show or film that didn't show a beam of light in space I do , the Space 1999 episode war games when the base was attacked by mk9 hawk...
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    Sci-Fi Space Battles: Lasers or Projectiles

    From what I've read lasers don't work in space they seperate for some reason , I can't tell you science about why though it was a long time ago when Ronald Ragan wash president of the U.S. , he wanted to build satelites with lasers to shoot down enemy missiles , they nicknamed it the Star Wars...
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    Comment by 'Alan 47' in media 'Mercury class Battlestar Pegasus'

    I call this cruising on a Sunday afternoon
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    Comment by 'Alan 47' in media 'Millenium Falcon'

    Yes Kevin , the falcon is the toy Revell kit I repainted and the base is a piece of plywood with polyfiler and plaster casts of rock , the back board is just a painted piece of card to hide the radiator this photo was taken in front off :)
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    Aliens Do you believe in UFO's?

    Yes I believe in life on other planets but I don't believe we have been visited by any extra terrestrial beings for the simple fact of , if a race could actually have the knowledge of physics, technology, and understanding of the universe to build an engine capable of reaching other star systems...
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    Sci-Fi Blade Runner (1982) & Blade Runner: 2049 (2017)

    One of my favourite movies so I would like to see a before or after but the prequel does have a sertain charm to it . I always wondered why or how the skin jobs defied their programming
  8. Millenium Falcon

    Millenium Falcon

  9. Mercury class Battlestar Pegasus

    Mercury class Battlestar Pegasus

  10. Cylon raider

    Cylon raider

  11. Starship bliss

    Starship bliss

    These are some of my SF builds ive built over the last year
  12. Vaders tie fighter

    Vaders tie fighter

    I call this hyperspace
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    Sci-Fi Why Are You A Science Fiction Fan?

    Tbh it's the first thing I can remember being really untested in , I don't know exactly how or what caused it just happened , SF is the most diverse genre it covers every type of entertainment and also broadens our minds to infinite possibilities and that is why I like SF :)
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    Thanks for the welcome Tom I appreciate it
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    Hi I'm Alan and have just joined , ive been into SF for as long as I can remember and like most things in the SF genre , I'm a keen modeller of SF