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(click to view the full-size image) This oblique view of the lower mound in Gale Crater shows layers of rock that preserve a record of environments on Mars. Here, orbiting instruments have detected signatures of both clay minerals and sulfate salts, with more clay minerals apparent in the foreground of this image and fewer in higher layers. This change in mineralogy may reflect a change in the ancient environment in Gale Crater. Mars scientists have several important hypotheses about how these minerals may reflect changes in the amount of water on the surface of Mars. The Mars Science Laboratory rover, Curiosity, will use its full suite of instruments to study these minerals to provide insights into these ancient Martian environments. These rocks are also a prime target in the search for organic molecules since these past environments may have been habitable -- able to support microbial life. Scientists will study how organic molecules, if present, vary with mineralogical variations in the layers to understand how they formed and what influences their preservation. The smaller hills in this view may provide clues to the modern water cycle on Mars. They contain sulfate salts that have water in them, and as temperatures warm into summer, some of that water may be released to the atmosphere. As temperatures cool, they may absorb water from the atmosphere. The Mars Science Laboratory team will investigate how water is exchanged between these minerals and the atmosphere, helping us understand Mars' modern climate. The hills are particularly useful for this investigation because different parts of the hills are exposed to different amounts of sunlight and thus to different temperatures. Curiosity will be able to compare the water in these contrasting areas as part of its investigations. This three-dimensional perspective view was created using visible-light imaging by the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment camera on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and the High Resolution Stereo Camera on the European Space Agency's Mars Express orbiter. Three-dimensional information was derived by stereo analysis of image pairs. The vertical dimension is not exaggerated. Color information is derived from color imaging of portions of the scene by the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment camera. The Mars Science Laboratory spacecraft is being prepared for launch on Nov. 25, 2011. In a prime mission lasting one Martian year -- nearly two Earth years -- after landing, researchers will use the rover's tools to study whether the landing region has had environmental conditions favorable for supporting microbial life and for preserving clues about whether life existed. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona (More at NASA Picture Of The Day)
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(Article by Danielle Cinone at The Sun) THIS is how Denver International Airport became a conspiracy hub with claims of alien meetings in tunnels and artwork that predicts the apocalypse. According to Fly Denver, rumors and theories have swirled around the international airport in Denver, Colorado, since it opened up in 1995. (Getty) There are a handful of theories and rumors about Denver International Airport Some conspiracists believe the airport has tunnels connected to Cheyenne Mountain Some conspiracists believe The New World Order and aliens built the airport, secret messages are written on the floor, and the airport has extraterrestrial map coordinates. The airport’s website explains: “Our underground tunnels lead to secret meeting facilities for the world’s elite. “Our blue horse is thought to be cursed. Some believe we are connected to the New World Order and the Freemasons. “Some even say we’re home to a colony of lizard people.” ALIEN MEETINGS Some suspect The New World Order and alien executives have conference meetings below the airport. Fly Denver explains that is not the case, but in reality, there’s “a world (of underground tunnels) beneath you with luggage carts and golf carts zipping around while the train to the gates runs parallel.” “And with the commotion of about 1,000 people working down below comes some serious traffic. Yield to the aliens,” the website adds. There is also a conspiracy theory that Denver has extraterrestrial map coordinates. According to the conspiracy, the coordinates are W104′ 44′ 30′ N40′ 36′ 10′ — and they “were given to the humans by the aliens in Spielberg’s ‘Close Encounters of The Third Kind’ and lead to the airport.” But Fly Denver reveals those exact coordinates are located 51 miles northwest of the international airport. Referring to Spielberg’s movie, the website explains: “Though this 1977 blockbuster hit is a timeless classic, it doesn’t quite predict the future, or land you at DEN. TUNNELS Other conspiracists believe the airport has tunnels connected to NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) in Cheyenne Mountain. And conspiracy theorists believe the tunnel is an escape route to survival bunkers. However, Fly Denver says the tunnels do not exist, and “the hardened command and control center that was built as a defense against long-range Soviet bombers during the height of the Cold War,” is not open to the public. GARGOYLES & SINISTER ART Another theory suggests the gargoyles at the airport are “evil and point to all indications of a ‘New World Order.’ But the airport insists the gargoyles mean no harm. They instead, “sit atop buildings to protect the site,” Fly Denver explains. “Notre Denver by artist Terry Allen features two cast bronze gargoyles, perched inside suitcases, watching over the east and west baggage claim areas.” Additionally, a big blue horse sculpture named Mustang — and referred to as “Blucifer” by conspiracy theorists — is also located in the airport. The controversial horse sculpture is believed to be cursed as it once fell on artist Luis Jiménez, resulting in his 2006 death. The horse’s red eyes were made as a tribute to the artist, Fly Denver notes. CREEPY INSCRIPTION There’s also an inscription “Au Ag” on the floor of the airport’s Great Hall which a conspiracy claims is the abbreviation for Australia Antigen. The deadly toxin Australia Antigen is the “Illuminati’s secret weapon to accomplish the genocide,” according to the conspiracy. However, Fly Denver debunks this conspiracy by explaining: “Au and Ag are the atomic symbols for gold and silver, representing Colorado’s mining history. “This inscription is just part of a much larger piece, a traditional Native American design. “Created with a grid similar to those used to create cubist and constructivist paintings, the river pattern emerging from the wings of the piece suggests the four rivers of Colorado’s Great Divide, while bronze pictographs embedded in the Terrazzo tell the history of the state.” The Sun reached out to Denver Airport for comment but did not receive an immediate response. Some artwork at the Denver airport has been called sinister by conspiracy theorists (Getty) Another conspiracy claims the gargoyles at the airport are ‘evil’ (Eric Golub) The blue horse at Denver Airport is believed to be cursed Writing can be seen on the floor of the airport
Boy the new stuff rolling out of the studios have me scratching my head. Sfx and bad scripts and actors are the rule of the day. I have been enjoying some classic series. Twilight zone's writer Rod Serling was a true genius. Every thing he wrote back then I noticed a watered down version today. These new writers need to lay off the fluff, fluff meaning the nerdy tech jibber-jabber and focus on the script, the plot, and the story. Star trek the next gen did that, or started that, where any character would go on and on about too much techy stuff. Lost me dudes! LOL.Dial it back dudes. Space 1999, ufo, the first Star Trek, Lost in Space, and many of the other classics kept it simple, and when something techy happened they didn't bore its audience with tech jibba jabba. They just used their tech instruments, showed the audience how it was used and then used it. Now it there was an unusual force, they threw out a theory, short and simple, then we observed it happening, then went wow, that's heavy. I always loved a Twilight zones's way of introducing a alien or spirit to its main character with a weird spacy noise, and then the critter would appear. lol, it cracked me up every time. Now if you have any favorite classic sci-fi series that is your favorite, post em' up, and we will check it out.