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    Season 5 I missed this episode! Recap Please!

    I did not see Vartan’s name in the opening credits. I believe this was Grunberg’s “goodbye” episode. Detailed written recap at: There are photo screen caps on that website too. I hope this helps. :)
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    Celebrity crush.

    In no particular order: Colin Firth Pierce Brosnan Mike Myers Daniel Day-Lewis Kiefer Sutherland Paul Rudd George Newbern Dermot Mulroney Bradley Cooper David Anders Paul DiMeo Orlando Bloom Jon Stewart Today, Tomorrow, Always: Gregory Peck Dean Martin Paul Newman Cary Grant I am sure that...
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    Jack was the one who hit them!

    I thought the same thing too. I even zoomed in on the screen caps to try to get a closer look. The driver’s silhouette looks a lot like Jack, but I don’t think it is Jack. I find it highly preposterous to believe that Jack could be the mastermind behind such a nefarious orchestration. There...
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