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    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

    Mint chocolate chip son!
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    Little forum game to pass the time

    High Sugar Soft Drink
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    Request Obey Pick-Up: Sig&Avatar

    you can set the that symbol to a different font, but not the other text. thanks btw
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    Request Obey Pick-Up: Sig&Avatar

    quickshot, if you want you can fix or try my request. Anythings fine with me :)
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    Request Obey Pick-Up: Sig&Avatar

    Um, not to be rude or anything.. I requested that the logo be 300x200 and also put obey in the middle of the logo.. and one last thing.. can you put that "ยฎ" that i requested next to it on the logo? Also! please don't use the background I put down in the link, i just wanted you to see...
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    Request Logo and Avatar, Plz :) *Completed*

    Size (No bigger than 400x300):300x200 Text: Obey ยฎ Text Color: White Font: Chopin Script Font | Background Color: If you can make the background similar to that, a metallic bright red...
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    Request Do Work Pick-Up

    Great work Effekt, I really like it! Thanks for doing my request, and understanding my situation
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    Request bIoHaZaRd Pick-Up

    Nice! this ones pretty unique
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    Request Logo & Avatar *Needs Designer*

    But if you think you can do that text with the light neon blue outline thing with a crown just like the one there. Go ahead :)
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    Request Logo & Avatar *Needs Designer*

    Also roger, i'd perfer quickshot to do this, because he made the text in the link i messed up on.
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    Resources Deltafx fantag OMG!!

    Lol fantags.. god that made me laugh for awhile
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    Im OFFCIALY here

    welcome! and your already a designer? lol
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    Request Logo & Avatar *Needs Designer*

    Its fixed now! sorry
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    Request SilentHawk - Pick Up

    Great work, nice to see some new designers tackling those requests.
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    I have one thing to say.

    Thats BullSh*t! I'm gonna beat your highscore