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    I hope that House is ok...of course he will be since he IS the show...but I still hope that he is ok, after being shot twice.
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    A-Z of Grey's Anatomy!

    Time U is for...
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    Finn VS McDreamy

    I think that she will pick Finn, since his charter is supposed to be in more shows next season. I mean why else would he be in more show since "Dog" is now gone. The only reason I can think of is that he is going to get involved with Mer because he "has plans".:)
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    Hello :)

    Hello. I was going through my mixed emotiona about Alias ending the series last night, and well...I found this forum!! It's a little weird that I didn't find it before, but then again I am a dork!!! So hello to all the other lovely Alias fan!!!! :D