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    Guess the episode?

    is it blood ties season 3 ep 20 when lauren and sark kidnap and torture vaughn? :rolleyes:
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    Please check out my Alias video!

    hey that really amazing, so many memories!! well done :up: :D
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    Hey ...

    hey k k! im hazel, i live in scotland and just new too! the site is great. I love that episode too! hope you have fun :D
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    Alias Compilation CD

    hey i really wish there was an official compilation album, but have copied some of your playlists above and downloaded the tracks, they are now in my car to cheer me up on drive to work. Lovin IT!!! have got the official soundtrack of season 1, it just sounds so amazing, even without syndney...
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    UK Fans Unite?

    hi im hazel, 23, from scotland. Only a few more episodes to go :(
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    hi im hazel and im new here! Have been hooked on alias since it started but the only other person i know who watches it is my brother so this will be kinda cool. am in uk cant believe there only a few more eps to show here!!
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