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    Season 5 5.06 Title

    Spoilerfix says its about Syd guiding Rachel through her first solo mission.
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    Season 5 -//- Vaughn IS Alive -//-

    I dunno if you have seen this, but on alias-media there are pictures of episode 5 (out of the box), which show an older man, and in several of them he is looking in a mirror. I think this is the man in the box (i havent been able to watch season 5 yet so im just guessing). If you want to go by...
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    Season 5 Spoiler about 5. 03

    hmm, well i havent been able to watch season four yet but syd and vaughn dont actually live together do they, so why would she cancel the subscription, surely it would be delivered to his house?? doesnt sound right to me.
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    Season 5 Discuss the 5.01 Script Pages

    This is my first ever post after lurking for months! :D Anyway, i came to post the same thing, it definitely wasn't Michaux she was saying, sounded like Marchand to me too.