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    The end of civilisation?

    We won't be seeing a collapse as a result of COVID-19 but, going forward, it's almost certainly going to change how some parts of the world act. Quick examples.... working from home in China and other regions where it used to be rare, the US finally embracing embedded chip credit/debit cards...
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    Comedy HAPPY! (SyFy, 2017-2019)

    ... and Happy! won't be coming back. :( Christopher Meloni has been picked up to star in yet another Law & Order spinoff.
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    Sci-Fi Legion (FX, 2017-2020)

    I haven't read the comics so I don't know if they are similar but for the ending, I think it was a bit of a 'easy out' approach to take. The show started off promising but seemed to take a meandering path till it's ultimate implosion ending.
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    Music Some good deals on vinyl!

    Over at our sister site Cameraderie one of the community members has their own record shop. The store is temporarily closed due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic so he's put a huge amount of vinyl discs up on eBay at really good prices! 😎 Here's the thread...
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    Coronavirus 2020 (COVID-19) 🤧

    So is everybody safe? Bunkered down for the next few weeks?
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    Random question: Changelings

    I... I would assume "Yes". 🤔 Using the two examples given, they both seem to mimic the other person completely in a physical attributes, as opposed to just changing the face/hands to look give the appearance of the person, so I would have to assume that at least the exterior gender...
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    My Movie Collection - Always Growing

    Hey, Tom! Haven't see 'ya for a bit. What's your movie watching setup like these days? Watching on the PC or streaming to a TV or are you burning these to DVD to watch on the TV?
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    Sci-Fi Terminator 4: Salvation (2009)

    But why would it be using what would appears to be a liquid fuel at all? 🤔 None of the other machines in the franchise seemed to be using a similar fuel source.
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    Please help with naming a film.

    Was it a more recent movie, maybe Operation Avalanche?
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    Politics Trump 2020

    No matter how I may feel about him I don't see any viable Democrat candidate. 😟
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    What's the name of that tv show

    {Threads merged. Again.} This has got to be one of the weirdest bots I've come across yet. Only reason I haven't blocked it yet is curiosity.
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    'War of the Worlds' redo on Epix

    I have it being recorded on the DVR but haven't had a chance to watch any it. Is it a limited mini-series or an actual series?
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    Sci-Fi Terminator 4: Salvation (2009)

    The other night I was up late working on some code and had this playing in the background Something caught my attention... in the scene with the giant robot that picks up the humans, why is it bellowing black smoke like an exhaust? 🤔 It looked like something that would've been better fitted...
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    Sci-Fi Terminator 4: Salvation (2009)

    Speaking of chess... it was today, Feb 17, in 1996 that champion Gary Kasparov beat IBM's "Deep Blue" AI computer system. Their six game match at the Philly Convention Center started Feb 10 and culminated on Feb 17 with the defeat of Deep Blue. On year later, on May 11 1997, Deep Blue would be...
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    patrick Stewart as Data

    For some reason, the idea of Stewart as Data brought to mind that the result would a bit like C3-PO! :LOL:
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