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    Season 5 Kristen spoiler

    Is Sydney mad at her dad for killing Irina or what? I was confused :unsure:
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    Character Loss

    It totally sucks that Irina is gone but atleast they havent forgotten about her, bcuz the characters still are talking about her
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    Politics Psychic

    wow those ghostly experiences seem very creepy. i dont get too many of those, but i can sense when someone is behind me but sometimes i turn around and i dont see anything. when i sleep i wake up when someone is standing over me but sometimes i wake up and no one is there. sometimes doors shut...
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    Politics Psychic

    What kind of ghostly things happen around you?
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    Politics Psychic

    Hey i know exactly what ur talking about when u say u cant 'read' people and u cant control what you see. and when u say if its just a dream or what actually happens. Those are the exact same things i get. now i know im not crazy!! thanks i feel better! ;)
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    lauren's dead!!!

    What exactly happened to Lauren in the last episode? Did it lead u to believe she was dead or alive? I cant remember!!! :blink:
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    should syd hate Vaughn?

    She should forgive him because he thought she was dead and the best thing for him was to move on. (course he didnt have to marry a b!**h like Lauren) They should be together if she ever wants another relationship with a guy so they wouldnt have to hide anything from each other
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    Politics Psychic

    i'm 15 and if i talk about this with my friends...they'd think im crazy!! does anyone know what it is exactly like to be psychic? I think i am but im not sure b/c i can sence something is going to happen, like i senced something big happening in front of my house and exactly a week later there...
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    Politics Christianity

    i am so confused b/c im a christian, but i can like sence whats going to happen in the future, i think that i am psychic or something but i thought being psychic has something to do with the devil? and im not evil or anything, and i dont worship anything else besides Jesus Christ.
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    Politics Depression

    being sad is different then being depressed. im taking an anti-depressant right now and im feeling so much better, i mean i still get mad and sad about things but everyone has a right to be mad or sad about something sometimes and getting over it. Even if someone isnt "clinically" depressed, the...
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    Politics Wicca, Witchcraft etc.

    how do u actually make spells and i mean how do u know if they work or not? Does Wicca have anything to do with being able to sence whats comeing in the future?
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    Hey im new!

    Hey i cant wait till the new season starts! i love the show and im new here. I was in the The O.C. forums for a while but they got boring. Alias is more interesting! anyways my name is olivia and im 15. i dont know if its weird for someone my age to like the show cuz i mean its a show, where if...