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    C & C Jason Voorhees Sig

    Cheers! It's dark because.. Well it's Jason! :P How would I get flow?
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    C & C Jason Voorhees Sig

    Jason is my favourite horror Icon, and I'm a huge fan, I finally got around to making a signature! Please tell me what you think, I'd love CnC! (I think I might go back to blur and darken the right side)
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    Who would you want to meet in RL?

    I'd like to meet Wulfstan!
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    C & C Link Sig

    It's still hard to see, and it's too small and a bit monotoned, but effects are ace!
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    C & C My Gallery

    ... I am in love with the Ike and L one. Such awesome sigs...
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    GFX What Graphics Prgram do you use? for the lose. :P Still, I find it snug.
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    C & C Rukia Sig (isn't that her name?) 2 versions

    Yeah good show! I love the colours, I'm all in for bright coloured sigs. But her face is a bit cluttered, It'd be better if you didn't hide her face, she's pretty! :P Keep at it.
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    C & C SMG sig

    It's a bad quality render, maybe if you blurred it a bit so it doesn't look all jaggered, Effects are nice and good colours, but the right side is too bright. Keep at it!
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    GFX GIMP A phoney?

    Well I like it to create big pictures, but it sucks for signatures.
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    C & C Call of duty sig

    Tell you what, I'll give gimp a go, I already have it on the computer and I make my drawings with it, so I'll do 2 of the same sigs and compare soon, thanks!
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    Request A sig and banner for my clans forums.

    Alright, I'll use this as a challenge tomorrow, I'll do it free of charge, but if you don't like it that's fine, I'll do my best!
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    C & C Call of duty sig

    This is one of my favourite sigs I've made, please tell me what you think and CnC it please! :) V2
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    C & C Stock Sig-Ting Tings

    That's not my name! D: That song was stuck in my head for ages, nice sig, love the effects.
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    Hey, I'm Lonely!

    Hey there, I'm Lonely. No, I don't need sympathy. Haha. I really like what you've done with this place, the design... It's drooly. Love it. So I've gotten into the graphic designing with about 3 months ago, but I've been creating digital artwork for 1.5 years now. I'm a drawer, I like...