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    Is anyone going to attempt a spy column summary of season 5?

    I've been waiting for verdanheart to write her engaging spy column to sum up the season or the series but it looks like she's out. Is anyone else up for it? :)
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    Season 5 That's how I define fun

    Truth takes time? Well sh%t, if that's the truth why bother? If we take what Irina said at face value in Season 2, it is only natural that we're inclined to think she had some kind of noble agenda. To find out later that it was all about power means that I have to totally reevaluate my...
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    Season 5 An elaborate scheme

    First I'd like to thank VH for her supremely entertaining and illuminating columns. They are a great complement to the show. Anyone interested in following up on episodes should have a read of her columns. My interest in the last episode probably rests mostly on the Irina factor. What...
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