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    Completely wooden bicycle

    no, not a luxury if it's an hour bike ride! I was picturing Jessica Fletcher's character in Murder She Wrote =)
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    *waves* :o
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    Completely wooden bicycle

    I would love to live in a town where I could ride a bike everywhere but where I live I am not afforded that luxury.
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    Sci-Fi Battleship

    Re: Battleship (2012 Liam Neeson, Rihanna) meh. Turned a board game into a movie.
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    how was your day?

    Good point, though a lot of people have died in this heat wave :(
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    how was your day?

    That I can imagine, just don't want the smell. Heard about the city sewage problem, euh.
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    Pottermore: Rowling giving back to the fans

    So what is it?>
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    how was your day?

    Heat wave here, so it sucks :bored:
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    I would love to live near the ocean, I love reading your stories =)
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    Firefox 4 ~I dont like it

    I like it but I keep meaning to try Chrome. I am looking for something that doesn't take so much memory to run.
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    Hello! Nice to meet you, nice avatar!
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    Nice to meet you! I will check out your blog when I get a chance!
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    Sci-Fi Falling Skies

    I really liked this show. I hope it doesn't get canceled.
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    Funny, I just saw that Star Trek TNG episode in the first season entitled "Terraforming"
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    Completely wooden bicycle

    Wow. You bring up points I had not thought of. Like in horse racing, the weight of the rider can make all the difference. A 500 lb man really couldn't ride a bike unless it was specially made. Cool, thanks!