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    Sci-Fi Prometheus

    I blame my misguided youth for this ;) Glad to see it does indeed have more context if you've seen the Alien films, contrary to what a friend of mine says who is a die hard Alien franchise fan. Also you mentioned not knowing much about it going in, that's what I did for this, well to be...
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    Sci-Fi Prometheus

    Being someone who has not seen any of the Alien films, not out of protest or anything (I just simply haven't seen them), I thought this film did a fantastic job of making me feel unclear about many things all the way through. I felt like I had MANY more questions than answers. There were some...
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    Superheroes DC's Arrow (The CW)

    It's on Sky1 I think starting this Monday, so the advertising has been confined to the usual base 'sky' branded channels like living, 1, atlantic, etc. Personally I'm really looking forward to this, being a big comic book fan, always interested to see a new show based on a book :)