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    C & C KB

    Seems a bit flat to me m8, not your best but its ok.
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    C & C C4D Shizz

    Tryed some shitr with c4ds
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    C & C R6v2

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    C & C New Style ?

    I like them m8, well done.
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    C & C Sotw?

    The sides aint white, they are just transparent.
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    C & C Sotw?

    Tryed something a little different
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    C & C Star

    I hope your jokin, u aint got a clue.........
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    C & C Star

    ??????????????? these are the first 2 sigs ive made in about over a month, sooooo i think u should shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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    C & C Rihanna

    love this man, beasty.
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    C & C Star

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    C & C LP - Lost In Flames

    Nice work m8. your doin some good work.
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    C & C paper

    Thanks guys.
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    C & C PN

    Nice as usual m8.
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    C & C AbstractOOOOOOOOOH

    Nice man, like what u have done.
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    C & C paper

    my first sig in ages.