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    Starbucks Addicts!

    I've never gone to Starbucks and I never will. I won't get political as this seems like a nice thread. Enjoy your coffee.
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    A close one between Sloane having to kill Emily because she knows about SD-6 and Syd investigating Jack's past as a possible KGB agent. Can't decide so a null vote from me!
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    Politics Smoking in Resturants/Public places

    If cigarrettes were a 'new' drug, ie been found in the last 5-10 years, then it would be illegal. Unfortunately the governments make a hell of a lot out of smokers, and a lot of them smoke themselves, which is why it will not get what it deserves, a full ban.
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    Anyone for jack & Anna Lucia?

    Kate and Ana? :cool: I'm not a fan of Jacks or Ana, so they can have each other. Sawyer and kate, :up:
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    What are you SUPPOSED to be doing right now2

    Working for another 30 mins :lol:
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