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    GFX [CLASSED]kwtblack Work!

    kwtblack Work! I'd say you're, in total, a solid beginner. I think the Halo one is low novice, though. :^U
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    C & C helo3 sig

    If the stuff around him was white, that'd look cool.
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    C & C Vector Sig L, 2 versions as usual

    Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, chill out. I just figured that it looked like the kind of outcome one would get from my Cutman tut. :^P Maybe I'm wrong.
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    C & C 2nd attempt at abstract

    Snot, that's hawt. srs.
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    C & C Vector Sig L, 2 versions as usual

    Hmm This looks... familiar.
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    GFX [CLASSED]Princess Peach's Classification

    Princess Peach's Classification You've improved dramatically, but I'd be lying if I said you weren't novice. Keep working on your newer styles. Edit: Sorry, I forgot about the beginner class. But trust me, you're a HIGH beginner. :^P
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    GFX [CLASSED]Dav's Classification

    Dav's Classification Hm. I can't help but say novice, and I'll tell you why: Tags: These works are probably your worst subject (and I'm sure you're aware of that). They're both very novice; poor text, colors, and composition, as well as unimpressive effects. They also have severe lighting and...
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    C & C New Siggeh

    Try and do something about the colors; they're all over the board.
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    C & C That's Bananas

    It wasn't made to be a well-executed signature.
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    C & C Latest Tags

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    C & C Random Abstract Smudge

    Wow. I really wish I could smudge like that.
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    C & C ooh... pretty glowing shield!

    I see. Now it makes sense.
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    C & C ooh... pretty glowing shield!

    Are you, perhaps, a communist?