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    My Movie Collection - Always Growing

    10 Minutes Gone (2019) 47 Meters Down 2: Uncaged (2019) 100 Acres of Hell (2019) 3022 (2019) Acceleration (2019) After Party aka Slasher Party (2019) Along Came The Devil 1: Tell Me Your Name (2018) Along Came The Devil 2 (2019) Altered Skin (2018) American Dreamer (2018) American Hunt (2019)...
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    The Loch Ness monster hoaxes

    Plesiosaur, any of a group of long-necked marine reptiles found as fossils from the Late Triassic Period into the Late Cretaceous Period (215 million to 80 million years ago). Plesiosaurs had a wide distribution in European seas and around the Pacific Ocean, including Australia, North America...
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    Sci-Fi Bipedal Robots as Human Sidekicks This spring, Democratic senators Cory Booker and Ron Wyden proposed the first national AI ethics bill in the form of the Algorithmic Accountability Act. The bill aims to give regulators, and the public, greater insights into how AI...
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    Horror Religion-Based Horror Movies?

    Nice addition but its more about whether religion-based horror movies are scary to you. Most are just boring to me. Some are pretty good, filled with jump scares or creepy looking manifestations but the religious context is comical to me. Even ghosts are rooted in religion. Some rather...
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    Screen Rant; 10 Scariest Alien Monsters

    I have all those movies but I would call them scary? My favorite movie monsters (No particular order) Kothoga from the Relic (scifi for genetic tampering) Octalis from Deep Rising (scifi for its intelligence) Alien Queen & Offspring from Aliens (scifi because its an alien) Thanator from...
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    Horror Religion-Based Horror Movies?

    For those that are fans of the genre, Which is most scary to you: Exorcist Conjuring Omen Prophecy Left Behind Insidious Demonic Satanic Drag Me To Hell Legion Ouija Witchboard Witchcraft The Exorcism of _________(pick one) The Haunting of_________(pick one) Can you say why it is the scariest?
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    OOOwwweeeeeOOO Happy Halloween! BOO!

    OOOwwweeeeeOOO Happy Halloween! BOO!
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