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    How do you like your Vaughn?

    I think that Vaughan looks so cute when he's mad. But the cutest when he and Sydney are close and have that special moment. ahahahahah. I think he's so dreamy. :wub: . How I wish I could just Jump into Alias and have a moment with Oh and Who here is glad Lauran is gone and dead...
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    How do you like your Vaughn?

    :bond: I think he has to be the sexyest guy.
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    what part of vaughn do you like best???

    I think if you had to ask me I would have to say everything. I mean what is there not to like. I love it when Sydney and Vaughan are working together. Their the perfect couple. But I haven't seen much, love between them. Like the show has been putting their relationship on hold. :down:
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    iS HE EVIL?

    I think if Lauran comes back to the show I will go kill her myself :stretcher:. I wanted to barf when i saw her with Vaughan.