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    New G.I Joe movies vs the old cartoon one?

    They should have Serpentor say to the commander that he looks like a brother to him.
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    New G.I Joe movies vs the old cartoon one?

    I wish they made these movies more like the comic books. I prefer the old cartoon movie even though I like the Rock.
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    Sci-Fi Describe Something SciFi

    It is something based on science but not true.
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    'Be Cool Scooby Doo'

    It is a lot better than the movies.
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    Politics The President Trump Thread

    I just get upset when he threatened the free press. Trumpy is plain grumpy.
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    Would You Live in a Tiny House?

    It depends how much it costed?
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    Animation Live action reboots of your favorite Disney cartoon

    I am not a fan of them basically because they are exactly the same thing and they diminish the animation as an art form. They are for people who don’t like seeing cartoons.
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    Animation Gobots

    Do you like them or not?
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    Sci-Fi Transformers

    Do you like the shows or the movies?
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    Religion The Book of Revelations

    Who is John of Patmos? Is this the last apostle of Christ? Is he imposer? Are his dreams / visions hallucinations? Is he on drugs or drunk or demented or schizophrenia? How
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    Free Audio Books

    Thanks, I also get to hear them on youtube.
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    What Are You Reading Right Now?

    I am reading Tarzan the ape man.
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    Ninjago the LEGO series

    Is this really fantasy instead of LEGO series? I wish there were more LEGO series on TV besides this one.