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    Who's Your Ship?

    Hi all! I'm coming out of lurkdom to join in with the love for LoVe. :D I think Veronica has the ability to move on, but Logan will always be in love with her, even if he can't be with her. Here's hoping that the rumors of a pending movie will lead to a Serenity type thing for our beloved show.
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    Lena Olin/Irina Derevko

    Irina did ask the creepy taser hypnosis guy if he was sure the baby wouldn't be hurt. I'm thinking she knows that one way or another, she's going to be Grandma Derevko. GameTheory
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    Do you think Victor Garber is attractive?

    Victor is so attractive in many, many ways ^_^ . One way :D : GameTheory
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    It ain't over until.....

    If Victor ends up singing on Alias, I almost hope that they just go all out. Have him sing in a cabaret with Sloane and Sydney. Heck, they can even throw in Sark. I've heard that David Anders has a great voice. It can be spun to fit the storyline. This is Alias. The plot is ultraflexible...
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    Drama Titanic

    I love Victor in Titanic! He gave Thomas Andrews such soul. And, lookie how good Victor looks! GameTheory
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    Jack Bristow's pet situation

    Jack is a cat man. He needs someone as independent as he is. Look at the women he chooses. They're definitely more catlike than doglike. I think this preference extends to pets. GameTheory
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    26 things about Jack

    Jonesing for some Chinese take-out K is for...