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    Happy Easter!

    The Sunday school teacher asked, "What do you call the week between Palm Sunday and Easter?" Answer from student = "spring break" The answer sought was "holy week."
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    Sci-Fi Divergent (movie trilogy)

    I set off a firestorm on another site by asking if there was "Dystopia Now?" In Divergent they have people divided by personality traits - abnegation, dauntless, etc. I gave the example of Romney characterizing forty-nine percent of the American public as "takers" to an audience of donors who he...
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    Sci-Fi 12 Monkeys (syfy)

    I've watched some of it, but if you don't watch all of it it is hard to follow. Plot line and character personalities are very complex, and it seems to vary by which time line the character is in. Interesting -wish I had more time to watch it.
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    We are the Borg - Prepare to be assimilated

    Let me start by saying I haven't read the entire thread carefully. I promise I will. I will react to your first post in the thread. You mentioned four objectives of the "Borg Collective." First, you said they guaranteed an "end to all pain and suffering." Pain and suffering seems part and parcel...
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    Need advice criticism

    Period after date. Capitalize I . Period after "more." Capitalize next I. Probably don't need comma after "ship." Sentence starting with "First" needs revision. In general flow is better. Read sentences with commas aloud to yourself with or with the commas to see which " sound" better to you...
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    Sci-Fi How can we save science fiction?

    I agree that the future is now. Time is constantly unraveling. The thread we find on the future, if we pulled it out, might well end up right where we are at this instant.
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    Sci-Fi How can we save science fiction?

    I'm a first time author. That's an excellent point about target audience. There are going on eight billion people on the planet. Guess I'm looking for those who think peace is both worthwhile and possible. Wrote the novel quickly and suspect formatting is not perfect, but appreciate your comment...
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    Need advice criticism

    I may have jumped the gun too. I did it all myself and think maybe the formatting isn't perfect. Better to take your time. I didn't take my own advice . I guess that's why doctors never self medicate. It's not really a good idea.
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    Commenting on others' work

    I have made rather long comments in some posts since only being here a few days, but I just wrote a shorter response to liking a movie from the 1970s. I'm an old guy and don't have Twitter and and am not sure I completely understand what a hashtag is - except that it is SHORT. I think some...
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    New member who loves science fiction; books and film…

    I liked Silent Running when I saw it long ago. Unique for the time, maybe for any time.
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    Sci-Fi Starship Troopers, by Robert A Heinlein – book and film

    I read Starship Troopers when I was young and reread it years later. I guess I was older because I wasn't as immersed "in" the book as I remembered being the first time. Someone else noted the lack of blood and gore in the book, as compared to many in this day. That fact didn't take away from...
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    Need advice criticism

    I didn't see you mention anything about America being "nuked" by Iran in your Amazon blurb. I think that's kind of important. Because of the current political tension that alone may draw some readers. Blurb could use a few more details about the story line. I like your second and third sentences...
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    Sci-Fi How can we save science fiction?

    I think we might be our own worst enemy - not robots or new technology. I just published my first novel , SPECIES SURVIVAL, on KDP select in Kindle format. My novel is complex ,but themes are simple. Kindness is not only important, it can be powerfully used. Evolution (of the mind) not physical...