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    Late Night with Conan O'Brien

    But you're in Rhode Island, not that far away!
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    Late Night with Conan O'Brien

    Leslie- I know, I'm so excited! Just a tipoff, if getting to NYC would not be a problem for you, it's not too tough to get tickets. Just go to the nbc website, find the number for Conan tickets, and call it. You get to talk to an actual person, they give you the available dates, and ask you the...
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    Late Night with Conan O'Brien

    Guess who has tickets to Conan on May 17th?! That's right, me!!!! I can't wait, he is my absolute favorite talk show host. My favorite classic Conan moments have to be: Inspirational Jesus Sports Figurines Triumph at the Star Wars premiere Trying to sell his '93 Ford
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    Season 3 Premeire Countdown

    I am a HUGE Nip/Tuck fan, and the dates for the start of Season 3 I've seen vary from as early as June 28th to as late as September. I know that Ryan is filming a movie in March and that filming will start about April, so we should definitely see some new episodes during the summer. Hope that helps!
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    Season 4 Alias Ratings for 1/5/04

    Next week is probably going to be much more important, to see how many of this week's first time viewers decide to commit to Alias for more than one week. However, even if they can keep the numbers around 13 or 14 million viewers that's a significant improvement over last year. Also, A18-49...
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    Season 4 Alias Ratings for 1/5/04

    Alias_Fan,the first number is the percentage of people watching TV who were watching that show, and the second number is how many million viewers were watching the show. Alias' average percentage last year was usually around 6 or 7, so these numbers show significant improvement. I believe the...
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    Season 4 Alias Ratings for 1/5/04

    This from Mediaweek- "In more positive news for ABC, Lost (#1: 13.8/20; Viewers: #1: 21.46 million; A18-49: #1: 8.4/21 at 8 p.m.) and the two-hour fourth-season premiere of Alias (#1 overall: 11.3/16; Viewers: #1 overall, 16.05 million; A18-49: #1 in every half-hour, 6.7/16 from 9-11 p.m.) led...
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    College/ Universities

    I'm hoping to end up at a college in NYC, I'm applying to NYU, Barnard, and Columbia...I pray that I am accepted to atleast one. I am also applying to Boston University, Tufts, George Washington, UPenn, and Northwestern. I applied early action to Georgetown but was deferred :( Good luck on the...
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    Season 4 Rate: Authorized Personnel Only (Parts I and II)

    I agree with Alias_fan, I loved loved loved when Vaughn said, "Last year sucked!" Also awesome was the use of Jet's "Cold Hard B*tch" which is one of my favorite songs! Overall this was a fantastic episode, just what I wanted after 7 horrible months of Alias withdrawal. I can't wait till next...
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    Season 4 Rate: Authorized Personnel Only (Parts I and II)

    Ahhh I missed the entire part with Nadia and Sydney talking to Jack because my Dad screwed with my TV. Can anyone quickly recap what happened? Thanks!
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    Former Gartan Addicts

    We've been receiving some complaints about the number of Garner/Affleck rumors posted on this forum, as that is not the purpose of this thread. Many of the members would appreciate if others would cease to post that kind of information; please find a more appropriate thread. Thank you! Kiki81ny...
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    Mellissa George, WHY?

    Members- I see no reason for this topic to remain open if the entire thread is being dominated by two members having an argument that in my opinion is a private one that should not be taking place on this public board. Please refrain from making personal attacks against other members. If this...
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    Politics Abortion

    Mystery, I think your paper is EXCELLENT. You have presented your ideas in a clear, cohesive manner and also very intelligently. I agree with all of the issues and reasons that you have presented. You have a few gramatical/spelling errors, but you can just spell-check those. You have gotten your...
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    Alias Ratings for 12/7

    Mediaweek- ABC moved into the number two spot overall in the overnights with its line-up of America's Funniest Home Videos (#2: 5.7/ 9), 10-8 (#3: 6.0/ 9), Alias (#2: 7.1/10) and The Practice (#2: 7.3/10). To those wondering how the revamped Practice is doing this season, consistent albeit...
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    NEW Victor Garber Interview

    From Variously Victor: "hey, isn't that ...?" The many aliases of Emmy nominee Victor Garber by Jenelle Riley For those who know Victor Garber only as emotionally isolated spy/father Jack Bristow on the series let's for a moment discuss range. Among the many roles Garber has...
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