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    Well this will be easy!

    people respect IGN? lol honestly i think they should have put that out maybe a week after reach came out so we got a feel for the game so we dont get spoilers as much
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    Zombie fans rejoice!

    i honestly think they should just make a zombie game no call of duty just like Nazi zombies: the game lol
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    Zombie fans rejoice!

    wait sorry i got mixed up with medal of honor don't i feel stupid sorry to many war game come out at once makes me confused. i aplogize for all the middle east felgercarb. still zombies is all it has for is and i have yet to see any trailers with them and i have not read any direct statements from...
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    Zombie fans rejoice!

    well i am right i am not saying that zombies in COD are bad all i am saying is that is all black ops has going for it and no one really knows if they have it i mean have they made a video on weather or not they have it no and it more then likely wont have it what are they going to use as zombies...
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    Witch Doctor

    dear sweet Jesus i think i just saw what is inside night warriors mind that explains a lot lol
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    Zombie fans rejoice!

    i just realized halo reach has zombie game mode build into it so who really care bout a half rate game that treyarch is making because they did not mess up world at war enough they need to ruin the game series forever
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    Halo 4 Announced

    alright i am getting pissed i do this again and we will have a problem is that understood?
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    Battle 2

    hell knight wins easy beyond the fact that the hell knight is a spawn of hell for christ's sake it has plasma bolt felgercarb and to top all that off it is somewhat smart as to the tank where it only as strengh that is about the same as the hell knight hell if the HK wanted to it could grab the tanks...
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    F3AR Trailer

    this is just frackin creepy
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    Halo Reach Live action trailer

    yay more reach goodness
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    Possible dream coming true?

    very cool man
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    Another Reach ViDoc.

    i so cant wait for this man
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    Halo Reach packages

    i am getting the ledgendary edition i cant wait
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    Left KSI!

    ok who wants to mess with them then? raze a little hell?
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    XBox Gears of War 2 | Gears of War 3 (XBox 360)

    cherry this is for the people who want the game and not people who want to bash it got that?
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