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    Season 4 Expectations

    I agree with Kevin and I am just praying for loads of action this season and loads of zombies & loads of blood and guts! I don't mind the fact the show is quite heavy on drama but I don't want the next season to go glacially slow like season two did.
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    Animation Axe Cop

    This is completely crazy! I will definitely be checking it out.
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    Horror Cockneys vs Zombies

    I wasn't overly impressed with this one it did have its moments but overall it was pretty average.
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    Hi =)

    Hi there! ... am sure I recognize your username from another site?
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    Horror Worst Zombie movie you have ever seen?

    I didn't actually mind Zombie Strippers I mean if you put a film in your dvd player called Zombie Strippers you can't really be expecting that much anyway... if you want to see a film even worse about zombie strippers, well strippers taking on zombies watch Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! (2008)
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    How do you watch TWD?

    I don't have sky and hardly ever watch any TV I wouldn't pay for Sky just to watch one hour a week lol & I like talking about it straight after it has aired & wouldn't want to wait 2 weeks to be able to join in on the conversations.
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    Comic-Con Trailer: The Walking Dead Season 4

    Looks like we will get plenty more action in this series.... hopefully.
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    Could zombies swim?

    Good point and also am pretty sure if a dead/re-animated body was under water for a couple of weeks it would start falling to pieces, if you are in the shower for 30min your hands go wrinkly... you might be onto a winner of how we could stop the imminent apocalypse when it happens... drive them...
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    Melee Weapons are great. Really they are.

    Hmmm fair point but to be honest you could say that about any melee weapon, you could have a sword or something like that but in untrained hands its not much use kind of like if someone had a crossbow but hadn't trained with it, a good sized crowbar you could easily smash someones head in like...
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    Congrats to our New Year's Eve Marathon Winner!

    wow these are really generous prizes!
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    Horror [Mar 22, 2013] HorrorHound Weekend (Cincinnati, Ohio)

    Brilliant line up I would love it if they did events like this in the UK.
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    Favourite TV Shows

    My favorite TV show ever is Tales From The Crypt Here's a few more I watch: true blood supernatural Dexter American horror story x-files the outer limits Spartacus Vikings Falling Skies game of thrones
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    Comedy Hot Fuzz

    I hated Shaun Of The Dead but I found Hot Fuzz hilarious!
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    So, how's the weather?

    Here in the UK its the hottest day of the year!
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    What makes a good "horror" movie/book for you?

    For me I love every aspect of the horror genre & like everything from silent films all the way through to present day & especially love Asian horror but I do have to be in the right mood to watch & enjoy certain stuff.
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