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    Awesome National Anthem version!

    Best one I've ever heard.
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    Puzzle time

    What is a rucksack?
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    Song Title Game!

    Does this count? Stormy Weather - Lena Horne
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    You've just won the lottery . . .

    I'd buy more birds. Heheheh... I'm not kidding.
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    How to count to million

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    Politics Should a rapist have access to a child born from the rape?

    Yea it's a simple no from me.
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    The Person Above You Game

    The person above me looks like he would have played football in high school.
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    Blatant Lies!

    Sheldon wears women's lingerie to bed. I've seen it. It's.... not pretty.
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    It's my BiRtHdAy!!!!

    I can't think of anything besides sleeping on it wrong. I seem to always have issues with my neck or my back. I have 9 budgies and my baby is my cockatiel, Fen. He's the little guy kissing me in my avatar :)
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    It's my BiRtHdAy!!!!

    Probably nothing ;( My husband wanted to take me to the lake but I sprained my neck and had to go to Urgent Care this morning. And my anxiety (horrible panic attacks) are flaring up so I'll probaly stay home and play with my bird, lol
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    It's my BiRtHdAy!!!!

    Happy birthday to me, yay!!!!
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    Riddle Me This

    Yep! Nothing. Nothing is greater than God, nothing is more evil than the devil, the poor have nothing, the rich need nothing and if you eat nothing you'll die
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    Riddle Me This

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    Riddle Me This

    Oh ok lemme see here. I googled this so I hope it hasn't been posted yet. I'll read back and edit if it has. It is greater than God and more evil than the devil. The poor have it, the rich need it and if you eat it you'll die. What is it?
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    Thanks :) I Was gonna say I'm just here to annoy everyone but I didn't want you all to think I'm a troll. I'm not :)
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