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    BEAUTIFUL chapter !!!!! Yeah, she finally breaks up with jacob and now she's with Vaughn !!!!! that's sooooooo great ! But he CAN'T die and let her by herself: she needs him as much as he needs her ...... thanks for the pm meggy
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    ~Midnight Fog~

    It's been a while since you update this fic.... i -_- really hope you're not giving up on it because it's such a great fic.... :innocent: meggy :unsure: Nb: i'm agree with CJ: it's one of your best fic !
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    UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!
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    I love this chapter.... Vaughn is so sweet !!!!! :blush: Poor sydney, but she has vaughn to take care of her ! :innocent: I can't wait for the "adult conversation" .... You're an amazing writer :cool: update again soon
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    great start ! i love it !! can't wait the next chapter.... update soon !!! can i get a pm ??? pleaaaaase.....