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    Least favorite class at school?

    Language Arts. The teacher is so weird the way she does things and has a hard time keeeping the class under control. Lets just say she can be a pain is the butt. I hate and my parernets dont like here either.
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    Finals are here and i hate them i got a 66 on my math final lets hope my other 5 go much better.
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    A-Z of alias #4

    op-Tech P is for
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    Least favorite class at school?

    i would say lang arts this year i really dont like my teacher the way she does every thing and she can have attiude sometimes she likes people who suck up so i do i hope i can a new teacher next semster
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    A-Z of alias #4

    garber H is for
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    Character Elimination!

    irina 22(-1) jack 15 (+1) nadia 7 Save Jack Kill Irina
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    this or that

    Syd Vaugh or Wiess
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    Last letter game! 2
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    A-Z of alias #4

    dad E is for
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    Learning to Drive

    i am 15 now and i have to keep my room clean to get my permit and my brother never even got his permit and he is 18 and going into navy he is a little weired if you ask me.
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    When Does Your School Start?

    it got out on May 23 and starts aug 13 down in the south east part of the country or at least around the time line
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    Alias couples you love

    I loved nadia and wiess together it was so cute and then it was funny when vaughn and wiess talked about slone becoming his father law .
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    A very weird dream

    i think it means no more alias before bed and slone is evil
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    Last letter game! 2

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    this or that

    sark irina or kayta who do like more