Starbeast from Planet X

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  • Thanks! Figured it was time to start another thread; besides, I also figured it was time I started becoming more of a regular 'round here... :smiley:
    I`m good ta .
    Just been on Holiday (Vacation) to Sunny Spain .
    Back to work Tomorrow
    Not happy about that .
    Going to see Dredd 3D later , looking forward to that !
    Laters my friend
    Hello Starbeastie !
    I have been looking all over the universe for ya .
    And here you are .
    How you doin ?
    Looks to me like he may have shrugged off a persona and either given up (for whatever reason) or created another and moved on. Not sure what's going on.
    Hello Beastie !
    Thought I would scan the forum universe to see if there is any life forms about on the forums .
    I know that these places seem to be quiet these days , maybe Facebore has a lot to do with it .
    I shall see you around my old mate , and I hope you are good .
    Laters .
    I dont - Too small and stretching it messes up the page.
    I hope it is just temporary or I might have to leave again.
    I saw your comment to Tim about the Alien Soup style. For today it is temporary (it is April 1st and our resident alien has taken over ;)) but it will be coming back again. :smiley:
    Hello me old Beasty !
    Just thought I`d let you know I`m still around ( tall n lanky really )
    How is things in that great big shopping mall country of yours ?
    I hope your well ( not the round ones )
    English Language eh !
    See you ( well not in the eye contact sort of way )
    Sorry I`ve had a drink ( thats more than one sort of way )
    Oh ! yeh saw Alice In wonderland in 3d with the niece its brilliant that 3d is`nt it
    Oh and thats not to do with anything I have taken like you know mushrooms or ...
    oh ! theres that rabbit , I must be off !
    L..a...ters !!!
    "Who the hell put that big rabbit hole there !?
    Well Blow me over with a Northern wind off the moons of Octania !
    So the beast is on here as well .:D

    I thought I would see how Bob would go down on this forum , I joined a few years ago and I just think the other Sci Fi Forum is a bit slow , so I have come back to this one fo a bit
    See you laters :smiley:

    Mr (Gort) Kite

    Mr Carpenter; sdrager eht rof sknaht
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