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    C & C My Work

    They're all reeeeeeeally bland. With like, 1 or 2 effects. Predominantly ripples.
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    C & C Experimental

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    C & C Some of my stuff

    2 years on and off designing. And thank you for your comments, flattered. Some recent ones:
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    Stab in the Dark

    You're misinformed
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    C & C Epic Fail

    I've seen bigger fails been, attempted, to pass off as a success. But it is kinda bad yeah. Could be salvaged though
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    GFX SOTW#4 Entries Look at the date stamp. Sorry Liquid
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    **** nos wat happened

    FRENZY ^_^ I ended up here too when I pressed my FD bookmark. C'est la vie. It's not so bad I guess :D
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    C & C The Bear

    Made for sotw Thoughts?
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    C & C Some of my stuff

    Why thank you
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    Stab in the Dark

    Because FD died
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    C & C 2 Gifts

    They are quite irreprably terrible. I'm sorry to say. Try to er... I dunno, read some tuts
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    Stab in the Dark

    This place isn't the same since FD was a part of it. Though I suspect Collateral was given little option Sigh
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