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XenForo 2 Styles Tweaks (use attachments for og:image & others) 1.0.3

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The [publisher] and [mainentityofpage] meta tags are now generated on the thread view pages See the thread linked below at XenForo for the details.

Here's an example of how it shows at Cameraderie; the new tags are inserted above the datepublished tag.
        <script type="application/ld+json">
            "@context": "",
            "@type": "DiscussionForumPosting",
            "@id": "https:\/\/\/threads\/show-reflections.252\/",
            "headline": "Show \"Reflections\"",
            "articleBody": "For example: of your life, of how you look like, of...anything. \r\nI took this picture with G1 plus 14-45 lens, I like the reflections of the bridge into the water of a canal.\r\nLooking forward to your pics, thanks in advance.",
            "articleSection": "Herman's Genres",
            "author": {
                "@type": "Person",
                "name": "Herman"
            "discussionUrl": "https:\/\/\/threads\/show-reflections.252\/",
"mainEntityOfPage": {
    "@type": "DiscussionForumPosting",
    "@id": "https:\/\/\/threads\/show-reflections.252\/"
"publisher": {
    "@type": "Organization",
    "name": "Cameraderie",
    "logo": {
        "@type": "ImageObject",
        "url": "https:\/\/\/styles\/cameraderie\/scfb.png"
"datePublished": "2010-07-31",
            "dateModified": "2019-09-07",
            "image": "https:\/\/\/data\/avatars\/l\/0\/53.jpg?1424144756",
            "interactionStatistic": {
                "@type": "InteractionCounter",
                "interactionType": "",
                "userInteractionCount": 259
This update is just to fix the add-on release number. With this I've also changed it from being an "alpha" & "beta" release to a gold 1.0.0 release.

If you are using any version prior to this you will need to uninstall it and install this as a fresh copy. The alternative would be to manually change the version number in your xf-addons table for this to "1000070" and then installing this version as a a rebuild. Unless you are comfortable with touching your datatables directly I recommend just uninstalling and re-installing.
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