1. Kevin

    XenForo 1 Load Background Image After XenForo Page Load

    Kevin submitted a new resource: Load Background Image After Page Load - Help increase page response times Read more about this resource...
  2. Gemma

    XenForo 1 XF Arcade - Lights Off Mode

    This is the same mod that I released for v3 Arcade What Does This Do? Basically, when you turn lights down, the entire page darkens* and lets you play the game in the 'dark' which cuts out distractions. Also known as Cinema Mode. *You can also change the fade background colour to match that...
  3. Sheldon

    XenForo 1 Taiga Chat Announcements <---- Not "Pro" Version

    A simple template modification to allow TaigaChat to have an announcement shown. Before Modification: After Modification: There is also a .txt file included in the .zip file that shows how to accomplish this without the use of TMS. You can change the look of the bar using the...
  4. Kevin

    XenForo 1 Speed Up XenForo Animations

    A common complaint against XenForo that I have come across is that the response time for the pop-up windows. For example, when browsing the forums the thread preview pop-up has a slight hesitation before loading. There is an easy solution for that. ;) On a per style basis you can adjust the...
  5. Kevin

    XenForo 1 [CinVin] Add Content to XenForo Page Head Section

    Kevin submitted a new resource: Add Content to Page Head Section (version 1.0.0) - Easily add content to your XenForo pages <head> section Read more about this resource...
  6. Matthew

    XenForo 1 Find Your XenForo Posts in a Thread

    This is a quick and easy way to find all your posts in one thread. 1. Go to the thread_view template. Find: <xen:if is="{$canWatchThread}"> <a href="{xen:link 'threads/watch-confirm', $thread}" class="OverlayTrigger" data-cacheOverlay="false">{xen:if $thread.thread_is_watched, '{xenhrase...
  7. Shelley_c

    XenForo 1 CSS3 Notifications

    Summary You will need to have Notifications - powered by Gritter - Developed by Chris Deeming to use this. Additional Notes: I've made alterations for images to be used as a fallback for older browsers and (excuse my french) That piece of felgercarb browser ie9 that handles css3 gradients in such a...
  8. Shelley_c

    XenForo 1 Xenmood Overlay (increasing columns)

    Summary: This adjusts your mood icons to in the mood selector overlay to display your moods from the 3 column display to a 5 making use of the vast amount of space. Obviously, if your want to display them in rows of 4 adjust the percentage. The following CSS also adjusts the height so your no...
  9. Sheldon

    XenForo 1 XenForo: Social Icons in Postbit

    Learned this little tip from Klaudius at AdminExtra. Big thanks to him for allowing me to post this. SETTING UP USERFIELD First, navigate to AdminCP ---> Users ---> Custom User Fields Once going inside, you will see all the "contact" information: To make this easy, we can use Facebook...
  10. Sheldon

    XenForo 1 Rank Images on PostCount

    First things first, this mod only works with the add-on Usertitles based on message count released by Arty. A huge thanks to him for releasing his modification. 1. Install above listed add-on. 2. Create Trophy Titles Inside the "Minimum Points", you will lists your post count needed. On my...
  11. Kevin

    XenForo 1 [How To] Installing XenMoods for XenForo

    Recently I have started working on a new site for Mrs. Kevin and one of the add-ons being used is XenMoods. XenMoods is a fun little add-on for XenForo that allows your uses to add small "mood" icons under their avatar. Below are the steps on how to duplicate the instance of XenMoods that we...
  12. Kevin

    XenForo 1 XenForo - Creating Private Forums

    A common question for new XenForo administrators is how to create a private forum for their staff members since the XenForo permissions system is a little bit different than other forum software. The steps below for XenForo 1.0.x will walk you through it. :) Create a new category. ACP =>...
  13. Kevin

    XenForo 2 [CinVin] Emoji Tweaks 1.0.0

    This is a small add-on that will change the file extension of emoji images when served from a custom CDN. For our sites we serve the emoji images from our own locations and use .SVG images. Read the FAQ for an example of how to use Twitter's Twemoji .SVG images for your emoji.
  14. Kevin

    XenForo 2 [CinVin] Home 1.0.1

    CinVin Home is a quick and easy way to have a XenForo "Home" page for widgets. There are no manual edits required, automatically creates a "Home" navigation menu, pre-installs the same XenForo sidebar widgets displayed on the Forum home page, and has multiple spots for ads and widgets! Having a...
  15. Kevin

    XenForo 2 [CinVin] Style & Meta Tweaks (use attachments for og:image & others) 1.1.1

    This is a collection of several options related to XenForo meta tags and miscellaneous display tweaks. This is how, for example, we are using attachments for the og:image at Cameraderie photography forum. After installing go into your XF Options page and look for "CinVin - Style Tweaks" to...
  16. Redbear

    Help Please?

    I had installed the XF Arcade 0.2.1b a long time ago, and had it deactivated during a maintenance, after being down for a year or so I turned it back on, went to play Asteroids and It does not play, all I get is a separate page with the word PLAY but it doesn't link to the SWF game any longer...
  17. Kevin

    XenForo 2 [CinVin] Lazy Load YouTube Videos for Xenforo 2 1.1.0

    This is a small add-on that defers loading embedded YouTube videos until the user clicks on the play button. A preview image is shown as a placeholder with the familiar YouTube 'play' button on top. The video is not loaded until the play button is clicked. For threads with a lot of embedded...
  18. Kevin

    XenForo Swap Logo for Text on Small / Mobile Devices

  19. Kevin

    XenForo 2 Swap Logo for Text on Small / Mobile Devices

    With the introduction of XenForo 2.0 a new 'sticky' navbar was added. When viewed on small devices, by default 650px or less, the full size logo in the header does not show up and instead the logo is shown on the sticky navbar. For some logos that is not a problem but for anybody using a large...
  20. Kevin

    XenForo 1 Find Unused Thread Prefixes

    With XenForo it is pretty easy to end up going a bit 'thread prefix happy' where you create a lot of thread prefixes in the ACP because they might be used only to realize later that you have way too many prefixes and they aren't all being used. Another scenario may be that you merge a few...