1. Kevin

    Comedy Cookie Monster baking cookies with Siri

    It's been a while since an Apple ad has made me smile. This add with Cookie Monster baking cookies with help from Siri reminds me so much of our kitchen here at the house when something good is in the oven. :D
  2. Kevin

    Star Wars Pinball: The Force Awakens

    I used to play 3D Pinball Space Cadet on Windows for hours back in the days of Windows 95 & Windows 98. Having recently gotten back into the Star Wars state of mind after catching The Force Awakens at the theater the announcement of a Star Wars pinball game caught my attention. :D Zen...
  3. Kevin

    Waze (nav app) Sci-Fi Voice Guides

    I've been using Waze for a bit now to help with drive-times to work. For those not familiar with Waze it is free a GPS navigation app that is crowd-sourced to provide close to real-time updates to traffic, accidents, construction, police (*cough* not that I'd need to worry about speeding or...
  4. J

    iOS Starbase Gunship for iOS

    Hi everyone, I wanted to share a game I just launched for iOS. It's called Starbase Gunship and places you in the role of the weapons officers defending a distant Human outpost. Check out the trailer at: 偷偷鲁在线影院 - 久久re这里精品77免费 - 亚洲宅男天堂... I'd love to get any feedback especially from...
  5. Tim

    iOS Teal'c's Revenge (iPhone/iPad) out now

    Wut? A Stargate game for us? Facebook Official Stargate page does say "Download for free" Unfortunately I'm an Android user..........sigh.
  6. Sheldon

    iOS The Walking Dead: Assault

    The Walking Dead: Assault is a squad-based strategy game for iOS devices that gives you a simple challenge: Kill the undead. The controls are simple but precise, the graphics are true to the comic book source material, and game play allows for various strategies and tactics. Despite the simple...
  7. M

    iOS Retro sci-fi game (iphone and ipad)

    Hello everyone I just released my iphone/ipad game "Space Legends", and i think its something that some of you fellow sci-fi fans here will enjoy. A trip back to space as it was in the 50'ies! Here is some promo codes for the game for...
  8. Robby

    iOS iPhone Dice Game Simulates Real Dice Rolling Using Sensors and Physics

    iPhone Dice Game Simulates Real Dice Rolling Using Sensors and Physics This Dice game is by far the coolest game I've seen, and it's got amazing tech inside which takes advantage of the iPhone's sensors like no other app. Here's how it works: You shake the iPhone and it rolls the dice inside...