100mb Zip Disks


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This week I was clearing some junk out of my truck and I found something totally unexpected... several 100mb Zip disks! :o_O:

For those who might be too young to remember them, these were super floppy disks that could hold 100mb rather than the 720K & 1.44mb standard disk. There were subsequent versions that could hold up to 750 mb but, since I'm old, I go way back to the original 100mb version. The drives to read them came in a variety of configurations but I started right at the beginning with the external parallel port version.

That's right... an external disk drive with its own power supply & hooked up to your printer port (back then printers did not come with a USB plug) to hold a whopping 100mb. These days a USB flash drive that fits on key ring can hold several gigabytes.

I think I really need to clean out my truck more often! :X3:


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Code Monkey
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Yeah, you do, lol.

I threw away all mine, long, long time ago, haha. ( they were in some old briefcase )
Hey, I'm catching up slowly.... last summer when I cleaned out my home office desk I got rid of all of the 3.5" disks and cases. :P


oh, loved those Zip disks. 100MB, you could store endless with stuff on them. :)
Still haven't cleaned mine out. They are on a shelf right next to me as I write this.

Think I started with the parallel port driver, at least someone I know had them.
I'm sure that I had a SCSI driver at the end though. Good times anyhow.