3D TV using glasses - bad social idea?


Creative Writer
I honestly thought they were creating televisions that would display depth to the naked eye. That they are to use glasses immediately brings some problems.

3-D television expected to come to homes in 2010 - CNN.com

1) A commentator notes that some of the glasses cause him headaches

2) Are these safe for viewers with light sensitivity issues?

3) Will we be locked into our own private worlds?

Asides from the health issues, we already know that tv is taking too much of our time and reducing social interaction in families. Families sitting pretty much in silence most of the night watching program after program, never switching the set off, turning into couch potatoes and some might even say zombies!

I for one gave up watching my tv a few years ago. I realised I was using it as background noise or to merely make me feel less lonely. With the advent of online sites from broadcasters allowing catch up facilities I could watch virtually all the shows that really appealed to me after the event. The BBC IPlayer leading the field as they recently updated to a higher video and audio quality, resembling divx quality products. I am hoping the other services here in the UK catch up, such as 4oD and ITVPlayer. Of course our internet lines are starting to bow under the weight of all that traffic, but hopefully the partial fibre optic upgrades will give relief there.

But take that quiet family lounge and place glasses over everybody's heads. Block out most or all of their vision round the room and can we not see that family interaction will dissipate further? This is one technological advancement that will seriously cause social degradation in families and as such is not an advancement surely?

Perry, of Panasonic, said he expects 3-D TV to be common in homes within five to 10 years. Technology that will make 3-D TV possible without glasses should be ready in 10 to 15 years, he said.

That's too late! A generation will be damaged surely?

Whatever happened to the idea of 3D tv's to the naked eye? A pipe dream in our scifi greats minds? Caveat emptor!