A science fiction political drama

Queen Ania is faced with a tough decision when war threatens her people.

Director's Commentary:
I've always enjoyed political dramas, so when it came time to produce the 8th installment in the "Imperial Odyssey" series, I wanted to do something that stood out. "Brushfire" is a purely character driven story so it really challenged my abilities as both a director and writer. Keeping a film entertaining can be very difficult sometimes, especially where the entire story takes place in a single room. To keep it aesthetically pleasing we used lots of cuts in the edit. This really helped keep the pace the intensity of the film. But quick cuts and shot variety aren't enough for a movie like this. My actor's performances are really what held this movie together. This was a great experience as a director to study character, actor dynamics, and work with a talented cast to deliver the perfect performances. I enjoyed making this film so much I've started writing a feature based off it. Perhaps one day, should I find the funding, I could get deeper into the story.