Adam Brody

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Go Duke!

so what do you guys think? I love him! He's hot and funny!!!!!!

amy lynn

The Polish Pirate
He's funny - but he's not hot.

He is quite cute, however! there should have been a vote for that! He's just adorable in this funny, goofy way. But I can't call it hot exactly...

I don't watch a lot of the OC - but he's definitely my favorite. ^_^


Its the end of the World as we know it!!
i love Seth Cohen and i love Adam Brody. he is possibly the funniest character to ever grace the screen. and he's a geek. my fav kind, who knows about comic books and stuff. want to have his children.


The Holinator
I just watched the movie Grind and he was in it...I was never a fan of the O.C. but he was really funny in this movie...Not bad on the eyes, either... ;)