Are you a morning person?

this idea came to me out of nowhere but i was just wondering what kind of morning people there are around here. by this i mean do you jump out of bed and sing in the shower when you wake up or do you hit the button on you alarm clock at least 30 times before you actually get out of bed or are you in between in other words a little bit of both.i'm pretty moody in the morning myself.
but everyone is welcome to post about their beginning of the day,so have fun.
wow! I didn't know there was a performing arts forum! coolio!

let's see. I am the epitome of NOT a morning person! I wake up, look at the clock, groan loudly, mutter things I probably shouldn't post on this forum ;) pull the covers over my head and fall asleep until my cat comes in and licks me all over my face. :D (that's my favorite part of the morning)

ok. hey this is a cool idea! more people post here!!!

:D d-brizz
I'm really not a morning person, It takes me like a hour to get up, and than another hour to actully wake up. But I am getting better at becomming a morning person.
I'm somewhere in between. I hit the snooze a couple of times and then finally roll out of bed. But if people bug me as soon as I'm moving--they wished they hadn't.


no mornings for me ...

I sleep around 4am and wake up around 2pm ... my morning pass by with me sleeping ... can't do it ... :blink:

I am a night person ....
NOPE not a morning person at all!!! i fall right back to sleep when my mom wakes me up for school she tells me more than 5 times to get up.


omg... in the morning... i look like a puffed up squirrel... it's horid! haha and i hate the mornings... no appetite either!

btw-- why is this in the Performing Arts section? :blink:
I am not a morning person, this behaviour seems to have set in since puberty I guess. But it doesn't affect me as much since I entered college a few years ago. I still take a couple hours on my off days. I get around it by having afternoon/evening classes so I can be well rested.
thanx for actually posting guys i didn't think this was going i woke up early because some truck drove by my house at like 7 way to early for me i was mad untill i realized it was sunday(no school)
lol...i used to not be a morning person, but i now wake up at 5am every morning...well, thats only on school days. now, i can sleep as long as i want, so it doesnt really matter although i'll usually wake up at 7am anyways


I consider myself a morning person. I can almost never fall asleep again after I wake up, and I either get up or read in bed (I have a slight obsession with books) within a few minutes of waking up.
i am not a morning perosn i only get up early if i need to but most of the time i like to sleep in it gives meeh more energy and i feel better because i get a rest and if you bother meeh when im sleeping i tend to get really b!t<hy so if im a snoring just keep ignoring :P