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Celtic Help

Discussion in 'General' started by *twinkletoes*, May 22, 2003.

  1. *twinkletoes*

    *twinkletoes* Rocket Ranger

    Feb 27, 2003
    Ok so I came up with this idea while i was staring at my ceiling the other day. This does actualy have somthing to do with alias.
    Feel free to say anything u want about it.

    Chapter 1
    Hello my name is Ekershiqia. I am a Boggart. Right now you are probably asking yourself what is a Boggart. A Boggart is a spirit more or less. There is no specific way to describe us. I guess I will start at the basics. Boggarts can see everything but no one can see them. Because we have no shape we can assume any shape we like for example if one day I want to go swimming I can take the shape of a seal or maybe a fish and even a human. Boggarts possess ancient magic. We all have different gifts. My gift is to be able to enter people’s minds. This gift allows me to find the truth no matter what somebody is saying.
    Boggarts are Celtic to the bone (even though we do not have any). Most of us live in old crumbling castles; I on the other hand do not. As a matter a fact I don’t even live in Great Briton, I live in the United States of America (that is getting off topic ,but I will return to that subject later).
    My mother always said I was a strange Boggart. I never fit in with the others. They were all loud and noisy tricksters while I was quite and calm. Instead of boisterous play I chose to sit in a corner and observe them. I never felt at home in the old draughty castles.
    One day I was sitting on top of the bookcase closest to the fire place (I could never seem to stay warm in that castle) when I heard a commotion in the Kitchen. I slipped of the mahogany shelf and flittered down the stone corridor. On the way to the kitchen I picked up one of the hanging tapestries and covered myself in it to keep warm. In the kitchen I found the whole family who were surprisingly calm. Some were swinging on chandeliers, while others were playing cricket with items found around the castle.
    “What is going on?” I wondered out loud, because we only have family get together every 2 thousand years and it has only been 5 hundred years since the last one. 9 I think the reason we have them two thousand years apart is because our masters can’t handle them)
    “Master Seamus wants to send a Boggart to America,” my cousin Akkisigula yelled to me.
    “What for?” I yelled back to Akkisiqula who had now started hanging upside down of a chandelier.
    “A family crisis I think, but I’m not sure,” She yelled back. I knew better then to try and get my facts from Akkisiqula , so I went to find my mother. I found my mother with some other relatives of mine.

    “Why does Master Seamus want a Boggart to go to America?” I asked.
    “Just a sec honey,” she answered. She then twirled off. A couple minutes later I saw her pick up a vase with flowers in it and dump it on her head. The water from the vase calmed her down. My mother motioned for to go to her and that’s what I did. It took awhile to get to where she was because there were some many Boggarts doing random things.
    “Master Shamus’s third cousin twice removed has a son who is having problems finding the truth,” She said
    “Oh, so who is going?” I asked, while fiddling with the border on the tapestry.

    “I do not know, nobody has volunteered,” she answered, her hyper ness was returning. I quickly looked around me. To my left on the kitchen counter was a pitcher of water. I grabbed it and handed it to my mother, who then proceeded to dump it on her head.
    “Better?” I asked.
    “Much,” she answered.
    “I want to go.” I stated.
    “Go where?” asked my mother. She sounded slightly distracted.
    “To America,” I answered.
    And that is how I got here. Where is here you are probably asking. Here is Los Angeles California.
  2. *SPYnish*

    *SPYnish* Rocket Ranger

    Mar 16, 2003
    :woot: IT´S BEAUTIFUL :woot:

    I like celtic culture , I born in Celtic Regions from the nord of Spain. :LOL:

    More Please ;)


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