Cloak and Dagger

Chapter 1: Closure

Arvin Sloane looks down upon the city, he is standing on a fifty story building. On the roof he can see the sun blazing and hear the birds chirping, the perfect way to end a perfect day. He pauses to take in all the joy and then with no emotion nor expression, he walks off of the ledge. His body plummits through the wind he was just enjoying, and his limbs shake freely as he lets all feeling go. His stiff body then begins twirling as he gets closer and closer to his destination; the ground.

~Two Months Earlier~

Sydney steps off of the elevator and enter her office at Credit Dauphine. She passes Sloanes office and her stomach turns, always an frightening feeling in his prescnce, ever since she became a double agent, but these things you must deal with in life. Sydney, Dixon, Marshall, and Sloane all me in the breifing room. "This meeting doesn't concern any new missons, it appears we have mole in SD-6. And I just wanted to inform you three personally that you will be tested phsyciastircally. We have to find out who is leaking information. This is now our top priority." Sloane says being very stern.

Poor Marshall he was up first, he was very nervous and panicking all through the hour he waited, hes innocent, but doesn't know how to deal with answering them in the correct way, at least thats what he says. Sydney has faked countless of these before it is no problem, the bad news is that she had been so sloppy that Sloane is now on mole alert. Her and her father will have to fix this. She walks over to her laptop and begins her mission reports.

Sloane looks from his glass office window at his "employees" working. He is so sinical of everyone of them. If they knew the truth, he thinks. Sloanes intellegence beats out maybe everyones out there. Later in the day he got some of the test results back, all clear. He looks up and sighs, who could it be, he asks himself, his eyes narrowing.

~CIA Headquarters~

Someone is typing on a terminal. It is all the files that proves why SD-6 is part of the Alliance. The click send and the e-mail dispersed to all the adresses it was assigned to.


Every desk analyst recieves an e-mail. It acts as pop-up and once is esnt, pops up on the screen, everyone begins clicking the links and reading, they're eyes scanning every word, every letter. Within minutes one appears on Sloanes and it reads You are exposed. Sloane calmly stands up walks over to a hidden door and walks out. In his car driving away from SD-6, he clicks a detinator and the whole Credit Dauphine building explodes. He knew that his secret would die there with everybody who had recieved an e-mail. He then finds a parking lot where he can pause and figure everything out. He traces the e-mail to one specific name. Jack Bristow.
Chapter 2: The Beginning

Sloane stares at his laptop in utter shock. He knew that none of his top agents were in the building when it blew, Sydney, Vaughn, Jack, Dixon, and Marshall were all out there. He speeds off, he was heading for Jack's apartment. He pulls ino the parking garage. Nobody can stop him now, he would do anything to stop the Alliance from being exposed. He walks a straight and firm line into the elevator. A stern look on his face, he tightly grabs his .22 Calibur in his coat pocket. He walks off the elevator and into Jack,s hallway. He walks up to the door and shoots the knob. He kicks open the door.

Jack is standing there with a magazine in his hand, he looks at Arvin, he was standing because of the gunshot sound. "Arvin, what's going on?" Jack asks. BAM! BAM! Arvin said nothing he shot Jack twice, instantly killing him. He walks out, no expression. He goes to his car and pulls out his laptop. He had a new e-mail. Not yet Sloane, we all are in on it. It reads. He looks where it was from, he traces it to Dixon's house. All the light were off, Arvin did some scaling and recon and came to the conclusion that nobody was home.

He breaks into his garage and sees his wife's car. He places a bomb underneath it. He then departs, he goes to secure safehouse that was close by. The next day, Jack's death was all over the news and so was the bombing that he Alliance covered up as a terrosit attack. And Jack's death was ruled out too many suspects. Across the street from Dixon's house he sees him say goodbye to his wife and kids, he sets off the bomb and the explosion was huge. Dixon's family was instantly killed. Dixon was blown back and half of his house was in flames. Sloane drove off full speed, he assumed they were all dead and moved on to the next location traced.

Dixon was rushed to the hospital. He was in critical condition and his vitals were decreasing he was not stabilizing and Sloane was headed for Marshall's place next. He had to kill it was a lust now, to protect his secret, for his own life.