Cool desktop theme from Alienware


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Alienware, who make some of the coolest (and most expensive) PC's on the market commissioned Stardock to create a custom complete Windows skin for them. The new skin will be pre-installed on all of the new Alienware machines and if you go to their ordering system you'll see that it's already listed as a feature.

The cool thing is that Alienware has also released the custom skin into the community as a free download! Yeah, it's also free advertising for them but it's a pretty cool skin for sci-fi fans. :cool:

The download is pretty big at roughly 40 megs so if you're on dial-up you may want to get a friend with broadband to download & burn it to CD for you. Even with my Verizon DSL connection it still took me over an hour to download it because of how busy the Alienware download servers are right now.

To grab yourself a copy go here to get more information about the skin and view some screen shots at the bottom of the page. If you like what you see click on the download button the right side of the screen and you'll then be prompted for an email address. The email address is for nothing more than to join their newsletter list so just enter a bogus one if you don't want to be on the list. After entering the email address you'll then be redirected to the download link. You may want to copy the 2nd link in case the servers are busy and you get a timeout.

Have fun!



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Alienware has just released another desktop skin! :cool:

The new skin is called Darkstar and is the total opposite of their first skin -- Intead of being bright the new Darkstar is very dark with shades of black. I have it running on my office machine and on the Dell LCD monitor it looks pretty cool.


The new style is only 12 megs this time instead of the 40 meg version of the last one. They also slimmed down the download page by using only HTML and graphics this time as opposed to the Flash on the last version. Looks like some of their customers were balking about how long it took to obtain the last one plus I would assume that a 40 meg download and flash on the pages killed their servers when everybody tried downloading it once.

Like the last version this one completely changes the look & feel of your entire desktop including applications such as Windows Media Player.


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hmm, the skins compatible with any other media players?

someone ought to start designing pretty Videolan skins, since it's the best player in the world and totally free (especially free from microsoft connotations!)

also Jetaudio, there is a free version, is far and away the best audio player around (and has the video capabilities of WMP) i still can't figure out how to use WMP10 and it's pathetic interface that a blind man would have more fun with

i change my desktop skin to suit my eyes (not to look cool :) )and the wallpaper 3-5 times a week when i get bored of it, so it's not like i'm boring and keep the standard XP skins.


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My pc is so finiky I leave the theme as silver and I don't use backgrounds.
Instead I use the background pics as a slideshow when listening to internet radio on Winamp {default skin}

I havent tried those other two. Got a link to the homepages?